Lost my cell phone

linda_in_iowaFebruary 18, 2013

Yesterday after I got home from a basketball game, I discovered my cell phone was not in my purse. I searched my car and could not find it. By evening I knew I had lost it in the stadium. I sent an e-mail to a person who is in charge of the ushers there. This morning I got an e-mail from her saying she had my phone. What a relief! Since I do not have a land line, I was without a phone overnight. I was so happy to get my phone back this morning. Next game I will check under my seat before leaving to make sure I have my belongings and nothing has slipped out of my purse.

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Another reason to keep a landline!

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Gad you got it back!

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So glad an honest person found it!

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I just hunted for about 15 minutes for mine. I hate it, when I "just lay it down".

Tried to remember where I was, when I was on the phone with Jean. Finally thought of it, and there it was.

In the past, I have emailed my daughter and some friends, to please call me, I can't find my phone... I need it to ring. :)

So glad, you found yours Linda.


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Glad you found it... and glad I kept my landline!

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For the first time ever, I lost my cell phone a couple months ago at a grocery store. A storm was moving in and I decided to get a few groceries, hit the bank for some cash, stop for breakfast and get back home before the worst weather moved in. The weather was deteriorating as I was coming into the store, couple inches of snow already on the ground and I just finished at the back, had one of the suckers they were giving away, bit down on the stale thing, broke a tooth, and as I frequently do check the holster for the phone and it wasn't there. I looked all around, then thought maybe I left it on the charger in the vehicle. Went out and checked and it wasn't there. Retraced my path back into the store, retraced my path the short distance I had gone and pretty much wrote off getting it back. No a giant loss since it's a prepaid but had just added some time to it so I was more frustrated than anything, plus I like the phone. Thought I'd give it a try at the service desk, right there and nothing to lose. Asked if anyone had just found a cell phone and she reached behind her and handed me my phone. It was dry so it had to have been found inside the store and turned in. Wish I knew who it was so I could have thanked them at least.

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Just this afternoon, while at ToysRUs with my Grandson, I saw a lady get in her car, drop her cell phone on the pavement and drive off. I ran over and picked it up and waved her down - she was so grateful that I found it.

Tell me this: WHY do people feel they have to be so attached to their cell phones? I have three, and they are always in my purse, in the cabinet and on the counter - I won't die if I miss a call or a text! I would come nearer dying if I LOST one of them - I'd nearly have a heart attack!

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Not only did I lose a cell phone and never get it back (the lost and found at the Botanical Gardens seemed less than helpful, I think they must deal with many lost phones), but I found one in a used car lot after hours one time. Called the "My Phone Number" in the contact list and left a message and my own phone number. A couple hours later the owner called me, met me at my house the next day and got his phone.

Glad you found yours. I still miss that flip phone of mine.

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A friend told me today that this morning as he was pulling out of a parking lot he saw a cell phone on the sidewalk. He got out of his car and picked up the phone and the back piece to it that had fallen off. He went home and spent 2 hrs trying to find out who the phone belonged to. He finally located the owner and she is going to pick up her phone tonight at his house. He thought of me and how happy I was to get my phone back when he spotted that phone on the sidewalk.

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All the more reason to keep it on lock mode. I never did this with my old phones, but now with my iPhone..
It's true, we feel connected when we have our phones. Also, with the new phones you can watch news programs, play games etc. Never a chance to be bored while you are waiting on line or in a doctor's office.

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Lock mode seems to have a bug in it on certain iPhones, allowing others to bypass it and gain access.

Here is a link that might be useful: zdnet

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But if you keep it on lock mode there is no way a honest person could find out who it belonged to.. Several years ago, we were at the zoo in Saint Louis, found a phone on the ground. We were able to go into the call history and call the last number called..they got in touch with the person and they met us inside the zoo.

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When is a phone not a phone?

When it's a Smartie!

o j

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Do you carry stuff that you want to keep private in your cell phone?

Then better keep it password protected.

Name and phone number attached to outside of box with long-lasting plastic tape. Or written with Magic Marker - but you'll have to redo it every week.

o j

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I guess my only concern about the info in there is that a telemarketing scumball might find it! LOL

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