What is Happening in Your Neck of the Woods?

marilyn_sueFebruary 22, 2014

What are you doing this weekend? I have been doing laundry today and sewing. I finished up the pink and white sundress and am now working on the matching hat. It is for Alyssa's birthday, she will be 3 next Thursday. Her party will be the following Sunday. No baking or cooking going on here today. It is over cast and around 49 out. Snow tonight, maybe an inch. What are you doing this weekend?

Sue in Central Indiana

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I just finished working in the yard, vacuuming the kitchen and living room and washing some dishes - I'm tired and am now going to play on Pinterest!

Next Wednesday and Thursday, the temperatures will be a high of 59 and lows in the 30's. Today, it's 75 and sunny.

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Easy weekend, not much going on. Took a bunch of stuff to recycling, took the dog to run at the field, getting ready to read and take a little snooze. Should work on something for dinner.

Everyone here is very excited as we have a 100% chance of rain next Friday. Almost hate to believe it as the two storms we've had weren't enough to wet under the car.

Sue, I always admire your energy. Do you fall in bed at 8:30 pm? Are you making Alyssa's birthday cake? Three years old, how sweet. My grandson is 3. Seems so smart, just wants to know all about everything, tries to understand every adult conversation. (brag, brag, brag)

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Today is a glorious day, sunny and milder, It feels like spring. Another cold front is coming in mid-to end week again.

We went out for breakfast and picked up some yogurt and cream cheese that the store was out of yesterday.

I did a couple loads of laundry.....had them on the rack out on the balcony and the wind blew it over, so they came inside.

This morning I went into the living-room and hubby had the ironing board set up in front of the tv so he could watch the US men's hockey game. Yes, he does the ironing. :) We were so unhappy when the men got a shut-out.

I just came in from helping the landlady chop some ice from the end of the entrance of the parking lot. Going to watch a bit of golf and then start dinner.

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I have my 4 Grandkids overnight. The twins birthday party is tomorrow and I always keep the Grandkids the night before so moms can get ready. Love having them. I have been gathering up boxes and paper that needed burned. Got all of that done. Got the mess all cleaned up around our fireplace. We've been keeping it going day and night and the hubster doesn't do a very good job cleaning up the mess. Now, I think I will go out and sweep out my car. Then it will be supper and I am done for the day. Tomorrow they are caling for some snow and the cold moves back in all next week!! Each day gets us closer to Spring. At least I keep telling myself that..

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We're having our kitchen renovated, so we have been busy cleaning, moving things, cleaning, organizing, cleaning, adjusting things and cleaning.

A brother from North Carolina is coming to visit tomorrow, and a brother from Sarnia will be joining us on Monday. I'm having surgery on Wednesday, so I'm trying to get everything done before that. Oh, and we're going out to dinner with friends tonight.

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Socks, no I do not go to bed at 8:30. I am in bed way before that usually.


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Our 2 printers are acting up, we went to the library to print tax forms. I was standing behind DH, when he got up to check the printer I took his place, so we didn't lose it and low and behold I was sitting next to my old co-worker Gi Gi. She still doesn't want to look for a job, living on Social security from her 15 yr deceased DH. Said she was getting rid of her 2 cats, she couldn't afford them any more. :0( Depressing there are people like that!

rant over.....:0)

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Not much today. I woke up in a baking mood, but it quickly vanished. Maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday, Stanley Steamer came and cleaned the carpet in both bedrooms, the 8x5 area rug in the living room, the white upholstered couch in the Florida room and cleaned and sealed the grout in the kitchen. Oh my goodness, it's so clean and pretty! So today I put the cushions back on the couch, the chairs back in the living room and fixed the dust ruffles where they tucked them between the mattress and box springs. So everything's back to normal and very nice and clean!

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After not being able to get out for over 2 wks, I finally was able to go yesterday. Ran most of my errands then, but still had more to do, so I did that this afternoon. And then, I took a nap!! Haven't done that for quite a while. Still have supper dishes to wash up.

Susan_on, I see you're having surgery on Wed. I'll send up a prayer for you that it all goes smoothly.


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No success searching for a deal to warm sun. Realistic prices are showing up after Easter, which is late this year. Lots of Icebergs on Lake Michigan this year. But Happy Hour is on schedule.

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Susan, did you tell us about your surgery? If so, I missed it. Best wishes for a successful procedure.

Susan too

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I worked on a flower bed and finished the shingling on a doll house. It is one I got at a yard sale, it was a mess. I bought very rough black sand paper I used for shingles...turned out great! lots of work, but worth it!

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Lazy day here..and my husband has beem whinning about needing to do something..which usually means spending money..and we are supposed to be curtailing the nonsense expenditures..grrr..so trying to ignore him most of the day.. It was snowing this morning...been raining most of the day though..

So it's cold and wet..and gray...blech..

I have started on a pedicure..washed the bathroom down, swept most of the house, dishes, breakfast and now "supper" is done ..

So have to clean up from that..

He wants to go to the movies..I really, really dislike sitting for almost two hours with nothing else to do..in a cold dark...germy enviroment..
He knows that, so usually takes the boys or goes with his friends.

So I'm hoping he falls asleep on the couch... Sshhhhhh

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Scrapeing a patch of ice off the driveway.

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double oops.

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We went to bed with the A/C on in the bedroom. Hot, Muggy, Voggy day all over Maui yesterday, and we chased all around Kahului on errands: Sears, Macys, Lowes, Ross, Home Depot. (How did we miss Costco?)

This morning looks a little less icky, but the TV weather lady keeps postponing the good Trade Winds. It's already 79F and the sun is there, but obscured a bit by a light haze.

We've finished breakfast, admiring the new pots of plants and the refurbished courtyard. The mynahs are on the lanai, "having a big scuss" over who-knows-what. (That phrase came from a very young neighbor boy, whose parents evidently told him they were just "having a discussion" when they had a fight. Call it what you will, you can't fool a kid!)

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Lol.Chi..true that..honest to a fault..kidlets..

Snowing now..raining most of yesterday, all night and most of today..now snow...argh...

I have made and "baked" English Muffins. I am currently baking a new puffy sugar cookie recipe..

Doing laundry..

Made chicken stock last night. The boys like my chicken orzo soup..so need to make a bit of that.

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In the PNW (CDN side) and it's been snowing since yesterday morning. I'm in the hills and the snow is sticking. It isn't sticking in the city and they are staying on top of it with plowing and salting/sanding as tomorrow is Monday and we don't do well in the snow at all. This is the second snowfall of the season. It seldom snows here but the ski hills are thrilled but the avalanche rating is quite high so the backcountry is closed.

So I've been watching the Olympics (probably the only person though who didn't get up at 4 am to watch the hockey - which if you didn't know and want to know we won. - just saying) and watching the snow fall.

I just went to pick up my son and his GF from the airport. They've been in Hawaii for the past week and yea, came home to snow.

Did a bunch of laundry and made a new frittata recipe last night with shrimp and vegies.

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Where's Waldo? No, here in MN we're playing "where's our roadside mailbox?" Well, it's still standing but somewhat buried by Friday's snowplowing. We're watching the poor deer trying to find something to eat. Another week of below zero temps..anticipating March and maybe some melting snow :)

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NOTHING is happening here. Absolutely NOTHING! and I hate it... but since I am sick, that is the best I can do.

At least I feel better and should be able to go to work tomorrow....


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