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kiffgirlFebruary 21, 2011

I thought I would post separately about the Eye-Vac we used in the kitchen. It is a portable, stand alone vacuum you sweep to - kind of like and electric dustpan.

We had an extra outlet installed and then had the cabinet people cut out the bottom of the sink cabinet and toe kick. It works like a charm. It can be set to manual, where you turn it on once you sweep to it or left on auto, which is how we have it (with a sensor to activate suction). It is bagless, the front panel pops out for easy emptying. It has a filter, too.

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thanks for sharing!

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I'm getting one! LOL
Much cheaper than a central vac.

Thank you!

Kiffgirl, when you leave it on auto, do your feet turn it on when you are at the sink??

Thanks again

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This is Kiffgirls DH chiming in.
Your feet could trigger it to start up. Other things that have done it.... Dogs tails( did not know dogs could jump so high...) Cats, contractors, cleaning lady... It is quite amusing the first few times it scares the daylights out of someone. We have it set to the right because we work on the left side of the sink. I do have to admit my DW(dear wife and not dishwasher) is brilliant!!! She came up with ideas to solve issues more than anyone else when we had problems.
This is a must in a hard surface floor kitchen. Right along with instant hot water and towel warmers.

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Our feet have never triggered the vac. We do, however, have rather deep toe kicks, almost 5".

The dog tails have set it off a couple times - those fluffy Cavalier Spaniel tails! You really do need to sweep right up to it to make it 'go'. It's not trigger happy at all.

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We have one hooked into our central vac system which we already had - but we have it set to manual because we didn't want the cats setting it off and losing a tail, paw or scratching the floor to shreds as they scrambled to get away from this thing they set off.

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kiff, thank you again
I'm doing that for sure, that is the neatest thing I've seen in a long time.


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I'm so happy about this! Thank you for sharing! We don't have a ton of cabinets, but this is a must!

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Thanks for posting this. I just ordered one! They have fantastic reviews at Amazon, and I was surprised at the price of $89. I emailed our cabinet maker and told him we have to cut a hole in the bottom of one of the cabs. ;o)

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That is the coolest thing ... what is it? Is it a suction device that sucks up the sweepings as you send them its way?

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WOW thanks for sharing! This is so going into our kitchen when we install the cabinets. LOVE it :) I found one at Costco online for $89 - yay.

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