How do you organize/ store jewelry?

jea2007January 28, 2012

I have a bunch of "cheap" jewelry, necklaces of various lenghts, earrings, bracelettes and such. How do you store or organize these.

I like to be able to "see" what my choices are without too much digging. I don't necessarily want to have it on display and I really only have a bathroom vanity drawer that I could spare for such storage.

It is currently in a jewelry box that is about 12 inches high or so, some hang on the side behind doors. I am thinking of getting rid of the surface that it sits on, so am wondering about other options.


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Cheap or not, I would NOT store jewelry in the bathroom... too much humidity.

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I use one of these. But I am very limited on space.

If I had the room, I'd get one of those jewelry cabinets.

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Earings-I use a craft bead organizer.It has small compartments and I probably place 2 pair in each compartment. Necklaces-I hung a bulletin board in my closet and hang them from push pins.

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For rings and earrings, I use old fashioned ice cube trays.

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I put my sets (necklace + earrings) of everyday jewellery in the medicine cups that come free with liquid medicines. I then store them in a drawer. That way i can see what's available and I can easily pick the entire set. I have plenty of these medicine cups with my kids' medicines, so this was one way of recycling them :)

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For "cheap" or costume jewelery I use clear covered bead/craft/fishing tackle boxes for earrings. You can put usually 2 pair per compartment. I have mine organized loosely by color.

Bracelets are in small see-through boxes with drawers. Necklaces are hung on a closet wall on a multi-hook clothes rack.

The good stuff is in boxes lines with silver protective lining that have clear covers so I can see what's in them. I bought them online.

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Pinterest has a ton of cheap do it yourself jewelry storage ideas (like using a paper towel holder for bangles) but personally I still prefer the wall mount jewelry boxes or the ones that hang on the back of the door. It swings open like a door and has tons of places to store different items. Then closed it has a mirror for getting dressed. Perfect addition to any closet. Size is usually 36" high x 18" wide and 3" deep, but they have smaller ones too. HSN, QVC and a few local dept stores carry them.

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I use a window screen hung by cup hooks inside my closet for earrings (pierced) and I can easily see everything. The clip ones I use the plastic craft bead boxes as well.
Necklaces I hang in the closet from large cup hooks. Of course I also use several jewelry boxes.

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I use the same clear plastic pockets that marit8a uses. I really like it.

I especially like that it hangs in the closet with my clothes and doesn't need dresser-top space.

Mine has different sizes of pockets, which is really handy. Nothing gets tangled, and I can see everything.

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IO have a plastic organizer bag thingy,I also have a jewelry cabinet,It does help theyre not too high in price.

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I have a walk in closet that has one long blank wall, no shelving or anything. I bought the strips of wood with hooks on them and hang my necklaces on it. I hang them by color and can get several on one hook. I have a lot costume jewelry. I have some better pieces stored in the hanger with pockets shown in the picture of another reply. I put a t shirt over it and then a long sleeved man's shirt over the t shirt to hide it. I have earrings on a stand that sits on my bathroom vanity and rings in a drawer in the bedroom.

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