Use for favorite kitchen towels

cross_stitchJanuary 24, 2013

About the only souvenir I look for on a trip is a 100% linen towel. You know the kind -- a famous building or other landmark. Museums are the best sources, with great florals and even images of some of their art. These towels are getting hard to find so when I buy one I want it to last forever. When they are too beat up to display I fold them to line the produce and deli drawers of my fridge. This makes cleaning the drawers a snap and they always remind me one more time of that place we visited.

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That's a neat idea! Both for souvenirs and for lining the drawers of the fridge. I may have to look into that for the veggie drawers.

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I look for those at GW and yard sales. Landmarks or old calendars, I don't care which. They are great for drying dishes. The last one I found was brand new (but 40 years old) and cost me 25 cents.

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I suppose one could do that with the hot pink t-shirt from Niagra Falls........

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Great idea! We have a few hand embroidered towels that SIL made a few years back. I didn't have the heart to use them, stain them, wear them out, etc. We have some serving plates that store in a drawer and towels those are used to divide those and keep them from getting damaged. I love the idea of using that type of thing in the produce drawer where it would be seen regularly and enjoyed still.

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I made pillows out of three of my favorite kitchen towels, and a valance out of two others.

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quasifish, I love the idea of using the towels to cushion serving plates--it cares for TWO prized possessions.

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