paint color for old pine floors

anewMarch 24, 2010


We are finally fixing up a room that we call an "ensuite" that connects to our bedroom. It actually was a 2nd floor porch (that had a door from the bedroom) that opening is still there, without the door. This porch has been closed in with windows. To the side of it, it has a little bathroom.

We painted the walls a neutral color..yellowy tan, put in high white baseboards, painted the dark pine stained ceiling white. We tore down one wall that left us with exposed brick and painted that the same color as the rest of the walls. I would have loved to keep the natural brick, but it was painted white already. We tore the old carpet and subfloors which left us with painted gray plank pine floors.

The room is approx. 13' X 8'and will probably house a nice big armoire and a desk etc.

My question, finally, phew...I do not know what color to paint the pine floors. I have no desire to strip them and sand them. I was thinking of a glossy dark brown...but maybe too dark. or even white..but I'm looking for a more cozy feel. The bedroom this "ensuite" is connected to has the original strip oak flooring. I'm not looking to match that.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would really appreciate it.



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Annette, have fun with your old porch.

When I bought MoccasinLanding back in 1987, I had to paint the floors in the back room. It became my favorite place.
I used porch and deck enamel, in a semi gloss white.
I also painted a 2" wide border 6" from the wall all the way around. The border strip was egg yolk yellow.

I chose not to put a sealer on top of the paint job. I'm not sure how much longer a sealer is supposed to keep paint looking good. If you don't like it you can always change the color anyway.

You can always get a tint added to a paint, to knock back the whiteness and give it a cozier warmer feel but still register as white to the eye.

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White floors are a lot of work...I'd avoid them like the plague :)

I'm painting my 1889 floors a color I found in the servants quarters which is almost black but with a little green in it. I copied the color by mixing a deep kelly green and black 50/50.

But you are going into a different direction decoration wise. I think a fabulous soft jade green (think jadite) would be lovely....keep it just a tad off any pastel and into the yellow greens and it will feel historic. A rich tan would be lovely with your color scheme as well.

And I just toured a historic home that had their pine floors painted in a chocolate brown. Think milk chocolate vereses dark chocolate (you can get this color at sherwin's called woodsey brown...I've used it many times). It's rich and well woodsey :) But a step down from a really dark floor. Their home was casually fabulous and it was done throughout the main rooms...I loved it.

The only reason I'm going so dark is that my house is english inspired and was very elegant. I think the darker you go the more stuffy victorian it becomes (and yet that's not the look we'll have LOL but it is the "look" of the house so I like to make that flow).

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Igloo, you are so right. I lived with the white floors for two years before I finally put down the tile. But I had a lot of parrots, and cleaning the floors was an every day thing.

The chocolate brown is very appealing, and I think, as you said, with her color scheme in the bedroom, it would work very well. Greens are very hard to nail down depending on the kind of light from the windows. My DH absolutely hates green anywhere in our house, because first thing he thinks is institutional bathroom color.

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Thankyou very much for your replies.

I did have some very dark chocolate brown from another project I did. I put that on just to see what it would look like...I really liked it, but it didn't flow well with the room. It was suddenly out of nowhere this very dark brown. I ended up getting a color, i think it sounds like what "iglochic" recommended. It is like a milk chocolate. When I put it on...aaaaah...seemed so orangy but that's because it was right next to this very dark brown. When it was completely painted...and dried, I think it looks quite nice. It does flow better in terms of being in the same color scheme as the original trim in the bedroom. I also like it because it's not too dark, it may be a little forgiving in terms of dust and stuff. Having a golden retriever doesn't help : ).
I thought of green as well, but I'm trying to keep the whole space calming and cozy and didn't want to introduce too many different colors.
I also thought about white...I think if it was a separate "porch room" that would have been quite nice..sort of a breezy and airy feeling, but I wanted this room to be an obvious part of our bedroom, so that just would not have worked in my case.

Thanks again.
Maybe I'll post pictures when it's completely done. I am just so thrilled that this room is finally getting done (after 20 years...yikes!) It really does something to your psyche I think when you are living with something that just isn't right or incomplete.

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This is a photo of a cement floor in my laundry room to give you another idea beyond a solid color. I have two coats of satin poly over the paint. It doesn't ever show dirt because of the busyness of the "pattern." 5 layers, 5 days.

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My kitchen has a funky old wood floor - rather than paint I'm going to do more like a heavy stain - maybe in a color or a white or several colors so wood grain shows and is not concealed. Then poly or acrylic finish over it. Its a thought.Distressed wood floors are highly fashionable these days. You'd probably have to do some sanding so the stain adheres but not so much as if you were going after the bare wood look.

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I had dark hardwood floors AND HATED them always saw everything ,dust it was something about maybe because couldnt see wood grain..We moved in this 1700 farmhouse we used a big sander over the floors and used a water based poly they are like a honey color,did them 18 years ago still look good.

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