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arizonaroseJanuary 10, 2009

Do any of you use the space bags that you hook your vacumn cleaner up to? I'm considering getting some to store comforters, quilts, blankets in. I want some that are large enough for these things, and I want to slide them under the bed when they are packed.

WHat do I look for in size? Also, where would be the best place too purchase them? Also, would this be a good idea for storage of a down comforter?

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If you scroll down to the bottom of the Organizing the Home Forum page, you can search for Space Bags and come up with some previous discussions. There have been discussions of these bags a number of times over the years, and most people say the bags eventually leak. I saw some recently that somehow were restrained in another box or with straps or something--cannot remember--but that would have kept them under control in case they leak.

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Mine always leaked. I wanted to try stuffing them into a plastic container while they were small, and taping it closed.
They do advertise new and improved...maybe they have gotten better.

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Thanks for the reply's.

Socks, I did a search on them and it seems 50/50 as to who likes or dislikes them. So...I bid on 2 x-large *original* space-bags on Ebay. If they don't work I won't be out as much as from the websites that sell them anyway.

From what I've read you're not suposed to put Down items in the bags for some reason, not sure why.

Anyway, I'm going to give them a try.

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Let us know what you think after you've used the bags for a while. They would be great space savers.

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I use them for storage in the attic, which is unheated/AC and in Texas!!
I have never had but one small problem with the original "Space Bag" variety. (The knock-offs don't work very well.) On the SB's it is sometimes hard to make the initial slider work at the top. I have found that if I pad the jaws of a regular pair of pliers and use them to slide the "thingy", it works very well and stays sealed. HTH

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