speaking of closets....any ideas for this one?

t-birdJanuary 20, 2012

Our hall closet is under the stairs going up to the 2nd floor, in an L shape with sloping ceiling

^ 3'






-------enter here

Not sure how this little diagram will come out - usually I painfully diagram, and it looks reasonable, and post and it is gibberish, lol!

by the time you get to the 5' long area, the ceiling is only 5 foot and decreasing sharply till the end where it is only 26" at the back. So - upon entering the closet, it is only about 2 feet in that you don't bump your head....

along the walls walking in, and all down the long side before the end wasll, there are hooks on which we hang our coats. I had some cheap shelves at the back of the L with baskets for hat and gloves, but this closet is woefully inadequate as the hall closet, every other year or three, I rip everything out, clean up, reorganize and at some point - maybe 2 months, maybe 3 - 6.... a year? It is so jammed with junk that it's hard to shut the door and is a comic routine to find anything...

Given the odd dimensions and slanting ceiling is there any hope for this?

And - as if it couldn't get any worse - at the end of the entry aisle - is a nice decorative leaded window....and there is no electric light in there at all (house built in 1909ish....all the closets were built to have small window, no electric, although some have some jury rigged lighting now, but likely put in in the 40's or so...

Advice? Consolations? How to make it as useful as it can be?

Thanks for any ideas...

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I can't envision it. Could you draw a picture and scan it? Or take a picture and post it?

How close is the nearest electrical outlet? I feel your pain, my house is only 10 years younger than yours. If it makes you feel any better, I have a master bedroom closet worse than yours.

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lols! I have to get some "young person" assistance....hey! When did I stop being a young person?

Its L shaped understairs. About 5' long on each long segment, and ~3 foot wide. The ceiling starts out about 6' and as you snake around, ends up about 2' high....

When DS wakes up, I'll ask him to help me with photos...When did I get to be so low-tech? I was always high-tech, you know, in the 90's......

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t-bird, I love TinyPic.com for uploading pictures to post on here--it'll give you the coding (use the first one, not the one "for message boards") and will resize the pics to be smaller for you.

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