Interior door frames

capthazardMarch 2, 2010

We just bought a 1920 stick style house and I am puzzled by the interior door frames being thicker than the walls which are just 3/4" planks. Is this a bad remodel or was it the style?

Thanks for the help

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"interior door frames being thicker than the walls "

Do you mean the casing around the door makes the frame appear thicker?

Doors do not really have frames.

The jamb is the material that covers the sides and top of the opening cut in the wall to conceal the inside of the wall.

Casing is the trim applied to cover the joint between the jamb and the wall.

Casing normally lies on top of the plaster or other wall surface.

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Sorry I did not make myself clear the door jambs project 2-3 inches past the wall they are set into so that the back of the jambs are visible.

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Are these just the partitions, not the exterior walls? Reason I ask is houses were actually built with a single-wall construction method in certain circumstances. Your thin partitions could be framed and brought up to regular thickness with or without demolishing the old work.
It's possible it was built with thicker jambs because the builder thought that the thin walls would later be addressed and at that time the door jambs would fit.

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Ok, Casey thanks for the response. So it would be acceptable know to fur the walls out to match the jambs? And you are correct it is the partion walls.

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