electronic cord clutter & confusion

maidinmontanaJanuary 23, 2009

If there are any out there like me who hates electrical cords heres something I came up with, I bought some pipe insulation (foam rubber) they are slit down the middle so you can put your cords inside of them, and they are easy to cut to lenght if you need to.

Also, I rearrange my furniture alot, which means I have to disconnect all of the electronic cords and cables, I never remember what goes where, so I am always wasting time undoing and redoing until everything works, heres what I did to remedy the problem. I bought some colored sticker dots and I put the dot on the TV that connects to the same colored dot on the satelite reciever, and the DVD player that connects to the TV with the same color, I just match the color from one piece to the other. It works great.

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Goodidea with the dots.

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Thanks for the cord clutter control tips! I like the color coded idea too. Will try that one soon.

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File folder labels and different color magic markers work in a similar fashion. Then you can write on it what it's for and put a small color code next to the connector on the item. i.e. "monitor" (red) "computer" (green), etc.

I like Velcro and electrical tape. The pipe insulation is a great idea.

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I use a label maker on all of the cables. This works really well on adapters. I tried the circle stickers before and it worked great but they either fell off or left a yucky residue.

They also make cord wraps- kind of like the pipe insulation idea but it is a mesh/canvas type fabric and some of them velcro. We have some and they work really well, too.

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I always had a problem remembering which charger went to which item. Three different chargers for three different drills in the workroom. Different telephone chargers jumbled in a drawer. Ect. I color coded with a dot of nail polish. Now I know which charger goes with what at a glance.

I also use this method for color coding keys to locks.

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