Strike While the Iron is Hot!

des_arc_ya_yaJanuary 31, 2007

That's gonna be my mantra from now on! We have a kitchen closet/pantry area that has been looking pretttty bad for awhile. I had mentioned a couple of times that the closet was gonna be my next project. I had already told my DH that I'd just put out the stuff that was his that I didn't know if he wanted to keep, or not, and he could go through it. (We use it for tools, paint, "stuff" - not necessarily kitchen related.)

Lo and behold - I walked into the kitchen last night at 8:45 and HE was cleaning out the closet. Said he just got in the mood to start on it! Well, I sure wasn't gonna squelch that idea! LOL I jumped in and started helping him by putting everything out on the kitchen table that we were gonna put back into the closet. We finished about 10:00 last night and had, get this, FOUR trash bags of stuff cleaned out of there! He was, luckily, in the mood to trash a bunch of stuff that he had been keeping, so it worked out great.

He has a load to take to our shed today and then we're through.

Smiling, with a great sense of accomplishment. You guys wanta come and have lunch in my closet? It still isn't pretty but it's neat! LOL

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Congrats des!! Doesn't if feel great? I've already completed two areas that have been bugging me for years. I vow to tackle more and more in the next couple of weeks.

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YA DONE GOOD!! cleaning out closets is a bummer cause ya gotta take everything out...then if you paint...ya gotta wait for that to dry before you can put back in...I've got TWO pantries in my kitchen that need gutted and painted...wanna come help me Ya Ya??

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OK, I guess I'd better do something about that sock drawer....

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Liz! My dahlink, I would LOVE to come and help you!

We didn't paint - just put everything useful back in there and shut the door! LOL

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