Testing a new time-management system

alisandeJanuary 4, 2009

A friend recommended this guy's blog, and we both signed up to beta-test his new time management system. I'm posting the link here in case any of you are interested. (I have no connection with the guy or his blog, etc.)

Happy New Year, everyone!


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OK, I'm game for this. I signed up.

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Happy New Year Susan!

I'm rather curious about it. Have you had any correspondence yet? Do you know what the time management test includes?

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I responded. It isn't a test of you. It is a test of his time management system. In the simplest of terms, it is a system for how to write and carry out the items on a To-Do list.

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Hi Claire - Yes, the instructions were emailed to me today. It is requested that the testers not share the details of the system at this time, so I'll honor that. The final version will be readily available free of charge.

The testing process involves no obligation. The person who devised the system is mainly interested in comments, good and bad, not any sort of formal report. Although I haven't read all of his email yet, I can tell you that the system is simple and involves very little in the way of materials--only a couple of things most people have in their homes.

I'm intrigued with what I've read so far. How about you, Graywings?

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I'm game. I work in software development and do this kind of testing myself (as the observer-tester, not the user-tester; neither person is a 'testee' because as graywings mentioned, the test is of the system).

I need all the time management help I can get. Of course, if my computer would just kick me off of Gardenweb after a certain amount of time, that would help a lot :-)

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Susan--Thanks so much for posting about this. I signed up and I'm hooked on the process!

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