Kitchen Layout w/corrections - comments please

drhomeideasFebruary 8, 2013

Yesterdays posting was drawn incorrectly. Does this layout work? We are a family of three, two cooks. The island will be used for breakfast/lunches and homework. Look forward to comments.

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I'm taking a quick look, and I didn't see yesterday's post.

My only thought is that this is a big kitchen, is there any possibility that you could do a prep sink in the island, on the fridge side? My kitchen is somewhat similar, and I am amazed at how much better the work flow in our kitchen is with a 2nd sink.
We even had company the other day (who are considering moving and were watching our "kitchen in action", and they also commented on this).

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Thank you beekeeper and your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL. Would it make sense to move the microwave drawer to the right of the cooktop w/prep sink either on the island fridge side or would it work on the oven wall at the corner (easy access from the dining area and family room)?

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Oh, this is far better. I'd still want a prep sink where you show the microwave. Your fridge to sink to prep to stove is a long path the way it is. On that corner, it would serve you in many ways...Not only for prep, but close to the island seating, helpful when baking, and nice if you ever have a buffet. Either as a water source, or a place to put ice and serve chilled items.

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Have you not considered an island stovetop? I wonder if you'll be happy with that trip from the refrigerator...

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Definitely put your prep sink on the island where you have the MW placed. Don't put it on the oven wall. When you put the prep sink there also put a pull-trash beside it.

You want it to form part of the work triangle between the range and the fridge. The way it is planned now you will probably be prepping between the main sink and range and it will be a bit of trek, especially walking right by the range if someone else is working there, to get to the fridge. PUtting a prep sink in the island will tighten up the triangle.

Depending on how often and what you use the MW for - what about putting it under the counter beside the double ovens.

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Thanks for responses.

Okay - adding a prep sink to the island fridge side. Does it make sense to move microwave draw next to the prep sink on fridge side? If the island is squared off there should be room for two on the fridge and two on the end. Make sense?

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Yes, that makes sense about squaring off the island and the seating. I think, though, that a better place for the microwave might be on the fridge end of the stove run...Either at the bottom of the upper or in the base cabs. Then others can use it, but it's also handy for the cook.

I totally agree with Blfenton...Sink where you have the microwave and a pullout trash next to it. I vote for it facing your main sink. We have ours that way and it serves the prep area, cooking area, and is handy for scraping plates when filling the dishwasher.

Also, you have the room to consider making your perimeter counters 30" deep, which can be nice. Some use deeper cabinets, but on our deeper run, we just pulled the cabinets out from the wall and put a cleat against the wall for the countertops.

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Any other opinions on layout?

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