Helping others declutter

graywings123January 17, 2014

Does helping other people declutter make you go home and declutter your own stuff? That's the experience I had recently. I helped a friend clear out some stuff at her mother's house. I went home and went through my closet and got rid of six pairs of shoes that should have been trashed long ago.

And I also noticed it was quick, easy and painless to declutter someone else's stuff. There was little second-guessing of my decisions.

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Yes, and seeing a house that is really cluttered or messy makes me want to go home and declutter or clean, too.
I also notice how much easier it is to tell other people what to get rid of. When it's my own stuff, I need to keep repeating my mantra, "NO SENTIMENTAL ATTACHMENT TO INANIMATE OBJECTS!!!"
I don't have that problem with my friend's junk.

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It's a lot easier when you don't have that emotional attachment.

I'm not motivated to do much decluttering right now. I have improved in that I now I've started thinking in terms of "Is this going to leave a mess in my house if I buy it?" Maybe it's because I'm reaching a point of saturation in things that I need and realizing that I don't have the time or energy to manage all of the junk. I have really cut back on what I bring into the house.

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