medium brown paint color?

mom23January 4, 2010

Hi everyone,

I hope someone might be able to help me out. I'm toying with the idea of painting my great room a nice warm brown color. It has 14 foot ceilings and lots of windows, so I think it could hold a dark color pretty well. my question is , if anyone has used brown for their walls and if you would mind sharing paint colors or pictures. Thanks for any help in advance!

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If you do a search on the kitchen forum for jbrodie, I think you might like her brown color in her kitchen.

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We used Behr Winter Wheat in our den and are very happy with fact we recently painted our dining room the same color!! The color leans a bit brownish, olive and goldish..Hope that doesn't confuse!! If you're looking for a milk chocolate, this color wouldn't be it!! Good luck..

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Sorry, no pic, but I painted an accent wall in our family room SW Toasty--very warm and not too dark. It's on a wall with a white fireplace mantel. I think it would be a great color with all of your natural light. You can google it....

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My sister did her family room in Valspar milk chocolate and it turned out really pretty.

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This is Farrow & Ball Buff, a "paper-bag" brown. It was the only medium brown that didn't throw green, pink or yellow in my living room.

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I'm a huge fan of 'New Chestnut' by Behr. I've used it most recently my kitchen and foyer (pics below). However, it's a bit darker than shown due to the flash of my camera.

The color is more true to the back wall in my kitchen rather than how the color shows in the foyer.

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I'd look for the post about 'Texas Leather'

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mom23- I am the poster who wants to do texas leather in my family room. My room sounds similar to yours- high ceiling and lots of light.

I received lots of encouragement for doing a dark color and really am excited to try it. I love the picture that sweeby posted.

Good Luck in your decision, I will look forward to hearing what you decide and can't wait to see pictures!

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I love brown colors, and while I was hesitant at first to use a deep tone, I am now glad we did in a couple of places in our house.

Our powder room is BM Old Canal, a warm brown:

And, our master bath is BM Jackson Tan:

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BM Plymouth Brown

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mom23 all have such nice looking homes! Thanks for the quick response. "texas leather" is one of the colors that I brought home today, but I also really like the looks of NHB'S "plymouth brown. I think I have that one in my stash of browns that I picked up today. I'll have to see what these colors look like in the daylight tomorrow. I'll post a pic so you can see the room. thanks!

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NHB- that plymouth brown is beautiful!

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Thanks! I wasn't sure I liked it when it first went up. It really is BROWN, but does have a touch of gray in it, as seen in the photo below. This was taken at night and has a little light on it.

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New Chestnut is almost exactly like Camel Coat by Ralph
Lauren. I believe they are the same paint company.

Brown is a great color. It is calming and inviting. It can
go with greens, blues, reds, yellows, oranges, creams,
ivorys, blacks... It is almost a neautral. I love browns.

Here is my kitchen in Camel Coat by Ralph Lauren. LOVE IT!
My floor stain is no longer that horrific orange. It is now
a deep dark chocolate ebony color. This is an old photo.

Here are some google images for these brown paint colors.

Broadway by Ralph Lauren

Milk Chocolate by Behr

Grange Hall by Ralph Lauren

Cognac Ellen Kennon paints

Cognac Ellen Kennon paints

Woodgrain Brown Benjamin Moore

Chocolate Suede Ralph Lauren

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BM's Hillsboro Beige.

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Where is the " I should never have opened this post! " Icon???

Oh my Gosh......I didn't see a shade of brown in all these pics that I didn't like!

My master Bedroom is Medieval Gold right now and I've been kicking myself for the last two years for not painting it a luscious shade of brown...calming, soothing, like all the pics above.

Thank you so much for posting this topic MOM23-2006!

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OK...I found a brown that I thought might look good. Its called "Rio Grande" by Ralph Lauren. It seems to be a true brownish color without any greens or yellows in it. Has anyone ever seen this color?

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NHB...Love that Plymouth Brown!

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Okay..I've been looking for a discussion about chocolate/brown wall color..I'm going to use a chocolate brown in my bathroom and I think the color is pretty close to the texas leather. Old violin by R Lauren or French press by BM. If I'm using a dark chocolate and oil rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures, what color sconces on the wall beside mirror?? The mirror I love is made from old ceiling tin in an old white with some chipping..any suggestions? I noticed in the picture above of texas leather that dark sconces were used...not sure of finish/color? what do y'all think??? thanks so much!

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I used a chocolate brown from the BM Affinity Collection called Elk Horn for a guest bedroom, and it looks great with wood floors and white trim. Its a rich but soft, true chocolate.

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Just painted my hallway RH Cappuccino. My husband said it looks like something he would want to eat!

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Our old bedroom was Restoration Hardware (RH?) Chocolate --darker than a medium brown. It was yummy and had a soft matte finish that was quite luminous in natural light. (Sorry, the only picture I have is so full of moving boxes it wouldn't help.) In our new bedroom we're going to try BM Affinity color Barrista, a little lighter and warmer than RH Chocolate or BM Bittersweet (very dark and cool but gorgeous) because the light in that room will come from the north through a leafy yard and we're hoping to neutralize the green light.

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I'm another fan of RH Cappucino. We have it in most of our house. It's has green undertones in low light but since you have so much lighting, it might not take on that hue in your setting. It's lighter than most of these examples. I love it! It goes with everything!

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