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sooeyJanuary 6, 2007

Hi Gang,

I just posted this same question over at KT but thought I would try here also. Space Bags...Good or Bad? I did a search here at THS and there seem to many questions and/or porblems with them.

Like many of you, I have some storage problems that this product would go a long way toward solving. I got some this past Fall. Can't remember if I got them at Linens & Things or Bed Bath & Beyond...but they were 'Space Bags'. When I first used them they were great. Just like on TV I was albe to suck the air right out and they were just as flat and squished as I needed them to be. Amazing. I was able to fit several items in, suck out the air and store them all on the same shelf in a guest closet. Perfect! Now...less than 3 months later, they have all filled back up with air. They are still in a neat stack on the closet shelf, but they are all filled with air? Whats up with that? Did I do it wrong? Is it me or are these Space Bags flawed?

Thanks, Gang.


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You have to make sure the seal is completely closed and that the gasket where the vacuum was commected is also properly sealed.

They are also suceptible to pinhole leaks and small rips from draggin on the shelves. I put the sucked-out bags in a plastic bin to prevent damaging them

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Hi lg,

Plastic bin might not be a bad idea in a pinch. Kinda takes away from the convience of the original idea and the stated integraty of the product. I think these bags need to be amalgum of three different products. What is the resealable bags that have the two colors that form a third when the seal is 100%. Is it Glad...yellow and green make purple? That should be the seal of the Space Bage. Then, thicker plastic like the 1,000 mil, or what ever it is, thicker, stronger garbage bags. And then, a colaboration with Tupperware for an improved seal over the vacuum valve. Now, that would be a Space Bag that would do everything it says it will do! Hummm...who should we tell about this?

Thanks lg.


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Hi, All
Just saw infomercial for Space bag tote. It's a stackable cube, same principal as regular Space bag. Looks better for storage of comforters and bulky stuff.
Is anyone have any comments about them? I saw them in L&T for $19.99. But I had same problem with bags as Sooey. After 2 times use - they start filling up with air.
Any opinion or comments?
And Sooey - you have excellent idea - but after they do all that it will cost probably $39.99 and you don't have to buy another bag for a long time. Who want's that?

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I like the Space Bags. I have a large pack of multi-size from Costco and I use them to store clothes my toddler has outgrown. I have plans for a second child one day :-) I don't have a lot of experience w/how the Space Bags hold up in the long run. They are great for how I'm using them b/c we are short on storage space. Personally I think they are a lot of work if you are going to be getting in and out of them frequently.

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I read somewhere that they shouldn't be used on down items because the down will not fully fluff back up. BUT I've never used the bags, so I don't know how accurate that is.

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I've heard other people say that the bags lost their seal somehow and the stuff fluffed back up.

But if it's still in the space, just now is tightly wedged there, then maybe they've been useful after all? They squish the stuff down long enough for you to get it on the shelf?

yellow and green make purple?

LOL, you need another look at the color wheel! it's yellow and blue make green.

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I use them inside bins because it converts two+ bins of ski gear into one bin of compact baggies of long johns

If they develop a leak - I had one rip - you can fix them with duct tape.

About the down comforters ... partially true. Run the down thing through the dryer on fluff, with a couple of clean tennis balls to help fluff it up.

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Yeah, they advertise them as "great for travel and camping". Make sure you know that there is going to be a vacuum cleaner at your vaction location! I had a friend who did not think of this part. LOL.

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Oh are correct...yellow and blue make green. So, what is the color you need to see in order for the bag to be sealed? Is it green and blue seal to make purple? I remember green was one of the colors...but which color...who remembers?

Well, I filled three space bags with stuff I needed to store...and all three have failed. They are still in place on the shelf, but they have gone from flat to fluffy. I think I'm going to contact the company and see what they have to say about this...I'm on a mission! I'll let you know what happens...

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I wonder when the clothes come back out- aren't they wrinkled and squooshed flat?

Also- can I get a bag to place an adolescent child into, re-fluffing her when she turns 21? Now THAT would be an invention.

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yes, they're wrinkles and squooshed flat. So, you toss them in the dryer w/ a damp towel, or you wash them.

I have to do that w/ stuff I store for out-of-season anyway.

My kid is about to turn 13, and let me tell you, I'd stick her in a space bag for refluffing later--we should figure out how to invent that!

It's yellow and blue make green--one side is blue, the other yellow; when you squeeze them, they're green--I think, anyway.

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I've used the bags for years and quite like them. I use them to store sweaters, unused clothing and linens, fabric, etc.

If you store down and fibre-filled items such as pillows, comforters, jackets, etc., the mfg recommend only compressing such items to 50-percent of their volume and uncompressing them every 6 months. Because I'm lazy, and don't want to fluff twice a year, I just slightly compress (25-percent or so) such itmes. Saves a bit less space, but still keeps the items clean and pest free.

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The ones you use for traveling and camping do not require a vacumn - you roll the air out. My son uses them when he travels. When he came for Xmas we used several of the regular spacebags so he could fit everything in his bags when he left. (all those presents wouldn't have fit otherwise). They are great for storing seasonal items.

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Hi Kids,

As a follow up to my OP...I have checked out the Space Bag web site. I was looking for any info or phone numbers to call re: customer service, etc. They give two phone numbers and I have called them response.

I did see, however, that Space Bag also makes the Travel Space Bag, the ones that you roll up to get the air out. They would be perfect for all sorts of applications...if they worked...

Has anyone checked out Space Bags through Consumer Reports? That might be my next step. I'll let you know what happens.

Thanks, Kids.


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They develop pinholes and seam leaks even if stored safely. The plastic is just too thin. While they're working, they're great, but it's really frustrating to come back and find the closet "exploded." It takes about 2 months for them to stop working - right after the warranty expires, in other words. There are complaints all over the web.

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Just ordered 1 Space bag Jumbo Tote(25.5x19x10.5) from JCP catalog for $19.99. Decided to give Space bag company one more chance.
Hope Tote works for my comforters better that Space bags. They look sturdier, with only top being plastic the rest -canvas. The tote should arrive on Fri, 19.
Will keep you guys posted.

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I just saw these today in Walmart. I keep wondering if these would make sense when we move my daughter into her room at college. As it is, the bedding and stuff is so bulky and takes up half the back seat. I wonder if anyone has used the bags to coordinate with moving? does it make sense? thanks.

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Several years ago, I purchased them because of an upcoming move. Imagine my shock when these bags decided to expand on their own 2 days before the movers arrived. I'll never take that chance again.

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The space bag question comes up periodically and it seems there are always a number of people who say they don't hold very well in the flattened state. We all WANT to like them, but they seem not to work as well as they should in theory.

I saw them presented on QVC recently. Link below. This version has straps around them, then put the bag in a zippered case. I wondered if they did that to keep them under control when the seal breaks! They are #V25297
on if you want to take a look.

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You guys are right - we all want them to work, because there is nothing else on the market that would do the job (Even FoodSaver bags are too small to store clothes and comforters - I checked with their rep).

I am having a few problems with small cuts/tears causing leaks. They're fairly easy to find, just put your ear close to the bag and listen for a "whishing" sound indicating there is a leak. Then put some packing tape to patch it up. I used the clear tape, instead of duck tape, so that they still look presentable. Then I re-sucked the air and hoped for the best. If they re-inflated again, then I would look for another leak.

I did that with the first bag I started using. Now, seeing the countless complaints all over the internet, chances are, 99% of all bags are defective due to plastic not being strong enough. So...... I'm thinking, before I even start using my next bags, I should take the packing tape to them and tape up the entire bag, just to make sure?

What do you all think of this idea? Any other suggestions are welcome.

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All the new vacuum sealer bags that are sold for sealing food are so expensive due to the thickness of the bags. A rep explained that this thickness was needed because of the vacuuming and the thinner bags will not work with these machines.

I don't know how heavy the newer space bags are but perhaps if they made them as strong as the vacuum sealer bags, they would work better.

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Bought the 3 bag large set and the 2 bag extra large at the same time. Mistake. Stupidly threw out receipts. 2 of the large have gone from flat to fluffy in 24 hours and one of the extra large bags ripped at the edge of seal while sliding gizmo to seal bag, (it was only about half full). My fault for believing the hype on tv. Save your money and buy a large plastic container, I know they are pricey, but unlikely to fail.

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