Help with boring 50's facade

BGinSterlingMarch 30, 2013

I bought this house this past October and the back of the house faces the street. I plan on residing, addressing the paint color, and redesigning the planting beds but have no ideas on what to do with this boring facade.

One suggestion is to place horizontal siding on the lower half with vertical above (I am 50/50 on this idea).

There is that corrugated fiberglass stuff to the left of the picture that will be removed as well to open up the porch.

Any ideas?

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A 1950s house is considered new on the Old House Forum. :)

I would post this on the Home Decorating forum along with photos of the house. They will want to see a photo of the front.

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The first thing I would do is get rid of those shutters (Shudder!) And window boxes. They are pretty awful with the MCM vibe of the home. If you are planning on residing, then board and batten would be a good way to go. It gives a lot of visual interest and would be appropriate. NO to any half and half splitting the home in two. Choose a contrasting color for the windows, and go easy on the trim. Maybe an architectural shingle for the roof to also up it's textural nature. Right now, the home is fighting hard against it's basic nature, which IS a simple box structure. That simple box structure is what makes it attractive. It's it's essence.

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What about working with the landscaping more than the house itself? Getting rid of the shutters and window boxes, but adding a low, horizontal patio or deck or something?

Here is a link that might be useful: entry, but kind of this idea

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I would tear out those windows and out in longer ones when you reside. Those short ones make it look like a mobile home from that veiw.

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The low eave and low-sloped roof will make the house boring regardless of the window design; can you add a cross gable?

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I assume the house does have an actual entrance of some sort, just on some other side of the house? Where is the driveway?

I think it would be pointless to try to create some fake architecture that resembles an entrance, without being one. I guess my inclination would be to just de-emphasize the view of the house from the street, paint in earthy colors, get rid of the lawn and put in trees, shrubs, flower beds - some sort of attractive landscaping there for the neighbors to look at instead of an entrance to a house. It is what it is - I think I would actually would love the privacy aspect of it - play up the feel of a secluded house in the woods or parklike setting.

Bigger windows would help too - one reason being that if you have more naturalistic setting you would then have a better view to look at. But don't do tall skinny windows - the windows would proportionately need to be the same, as appropriate for midcentury homes whichstill had that strong prairie influence (horizontal lines, broad wide windows, etc.

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Just had another thought about this if you are still interested.
What's on that side of the house - would it make sense to add a sun porch on that side and have that provide some attractive (but simple) prairie-style architectural interest.

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