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DatagrrlFebruary 23, 2014

Let me know if I am wrong, but deciding what to do with that corner is really the foundation of changing this kitchen.

The cabinet space kind of stinks. This is today:

At first we thought we really wanted a lazy susan cabinet. We thought we might need to go with a 33 inch, because the counter has a hard stop at the 60 inches, because of a water meter (White Box). My husband doesn't think he can get a 3/4 inch piece of plywood in there to create an end panel safely with the 36 inch.

With the 36 this is the layout:

I've read that the 33 can be kind of useless, since the door is smaller. I started thinking about a blind corner. For about $300 I can get a really nice blind corner solution to make that cabinet more useful. That would also give us a 36 inch sink base again, which would be nice.

This option might allow us to cover the water meter with a cabinet(basically rigging something up) I would LOVE that.

What do you think?

The kitchen works now for prep. We don't have any real ideas about better function. We are thinking about calling a KD, I could afford the consult, but it feel like with our budget (6K, including appliances) and the basic layout working, it wouldn't be worth it.

I am still learning the tool. The wall at the bottom (east, bit south on here) is a 31 inch full wall, then 41 inches of a half wall into the dining room. We only have room for 3 maybe 4 wall cabinets, above the DW (new add), and above what is dead space today. Our plan is to add one above the range (to mount the MW) and I would like to add one above the fridge for a more complete look.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Sophie Wheeler

ID a few things please. The fridge is next to the range? What's the box in the upper left hand side? The window there? Below counter depth or above it? Can you DIY move some plumbing for a MUCH better layout?

Move the sink to the top wall with the DW to the right. Move to a smaller single sink also. Then put the range on the counter at the bottom with a lazy susan corner. Then put a pantry cabinet next to the fridge. You will have much better workflow and a LOT more prep space on the inside of the U.

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I can tell you that my base corner, which is 33"x34" is far from useless. I have had no problem getting things in and out-- I have my slow cooker, large soup pots, random small appliances, and sodas stored there, plus more. I can reach most everything without too much trouble, much less trouble than when things were in the 12" over frig cabinet or in another room! I just can't open the door and sling things into it though, partly because it is in a tight space next to the stove on one side; I do have to use care, but no more care than I use putting plates in the cupboard or pots in the drawer.

You'll notice that my dimension isn't symmetrical. I was originally going to use Ikea and either cut down a corner box or hack together two bases. That way I could have the corner fit just so into the space (not to mention they don't offer a small corner cabinet) and maximize the base drawers that I have next to it.

I wonder if you used a smaller sink base, could you build a tall pantry around the water meter so that space isn't wasted?

A blind corner seemed to me that it would put a significant amount of space out of reach, or require the use of an expensive corner pull-out mechanism (although the Ikea version is more economical).

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May I suggest this layout? A narrower sink under the window. Base cabinets from wall to wall (no corner base cabinets :) ). Dishwasher beside the sink. Attractive open shelving above counter height (green rectangle). Consider small fridge to make room for narrow pantry beside.

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Can the door to the kitchen be moved; is it an outside door?

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It is an exterior door, and no, it really can't be moved. Well, it can, but not with much ease.

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Holly springs, you have some great ideas. The fridge is next to the range. I can probably DIY some plumbing.

I didn't put the dimensions of that window on the top wall. It is only 23 inches from the floor. The house is frame, so a smaller window is a possibility. Would i turn the washer and dryer to face the bottom wall?

We discovered the walls, especially in the alcove are not at all square. After mocking up some cabinets from boxes I realized the 24 inch deep pantry will cause traffic issues. I am thinking a 12 inch deep 24 inch wide might work better.

If we replaced the window my DH would want a shorter wider one and the washer and dryer side by side below it.

Of course we aren't professionals, and anything seems like an upgrade to what we have.

The white rectangle is my evil water meter.

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Sophie Wheeler

The white square in the upper left is a washer? And you are willing to put in a shorter window?? It seems like a no brainer to do thatand turn the kitchen into a U with the fridge remaining in the alcove and just putting a face frame with a door on the rest of the alcove so that the interior can utilize all of the space for shelving, wonky out of square walls and all.

Sink on bottomwall, range on left wall, washer on top wall, and fridge and pantry in alcove. With maybe a Julia Child pegboard wall of storage on the wall where you show the orange cabinet.

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