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lpinkmountainJanuary 8, 2014

Does anyone know of a good work organizing discussion board I could check out? I am working on setting up a home office and also commuting between home and work so keeping things portable and could use some ideas/help. I have a great organizing book for the general principles but I'd really appreciate a place to go to hear about how these things work out in actual practice, as well as some tips and tricks about products, etc.

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I am sorry but I don't know of any forums but the first thing that popped into my head was Dropbox. It is an app that you can put anything on....files, photos, videos, etc. and it will link to your smartphone, laptop, pc, tablet.
I use it to store knitting patterns/directions, inventory lists, shopping lists, notes,etc. and I can access on any of my devices.
So if you have files that you would need to transport between home and work, just put them in Dropbox and you can access where ever you are.
You can find more at
I am retired so I use for "fun" things. :)
Evernote is another app that can be linked between all devices and it does way more than I know how to do....but there is a lot of info about it on line.
Not sure what you are looking for but hope this helps.

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Thanks Murphy!

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for but...

I use Dropbox and it is awesome! I scan all hard copy docs to Dropbox, no hard copy files for me! Make sure you get a scanner, printer, fax that can scan directly to email. It's a huge time saver.

Another favorite of mine is Splashtop. If you install it on both your computer and your iPad you can access your home or work computer from your iPad. Works on both Mac & PC, sort of like a PCAnywhere for iPad. It's perfect if you only need info for reference as opposed to actually working all day on your computer. I love that I don't have to lug my laptop around.

I only have POP3 email through work so I sync everything through gmail which syncs with my Droid phone and my iPad. If you have Exchange or can talk your employer into paying for the monthly fee, it's worth it.

I use Google Voice for phone management. I forward land lines to Google Voice and return calls through Google Voice when using my cell phone that way people don't harvest your cell #. You can set up Google Voice to send you an email or text transcript of a voice mail message.

I use Appfiles but you could also use DocuSign for electronic signatures and handling secure documents. They are cloud based so they work with any devices as long as you have an internet connection.

I send a lot of group emails, e-newsletters, etc. Constant Contact is perfect for this and it's web based so you can use it with any device or computer. If you are looking for marketing stats for campaigns, this is the tool to use.

Don't forget to use Quickbooks online, online banking and bill pay as well.

I work from home, on the road, by the pool, on the boat or anywhere no problem.

Actually I need to organize my home office better. I tend to be lax about it because everything is at my fingertips through the internet. I currently have 5 printers, 3 computers, multi-landline phone, cell phone, iPad and only one file drawer. I love technology! I have hard line internet service as well as MiFi because if I lose internet connection, I'm doomed! LOL

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Thanks Moosemac! And I hear you on the office. I'm working at it. I found a great book called, "One Year to an Organized Work Life" by Regina Leeds. It's great on the principles, but this post is great on some actual practical tools. Traveling between different work and life venues as I am having to do, makes "virtual" tools very appealing. But they require organizing as well. My laptop/desktop/documents file is a mess and needs some attention, for example! And when was the last time I cleaned out my "inbox" etc.

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I've started putting a lot of my team's reference documents on Google Drive, and several other departments do as well.

It allows us to share documents (with several people editing all at the same time) with people even outside the company. You can access them from any computer as long as you have the URL (which you can email to yourself, if you can access email from anywhere).

It's not smart for stuff that's truly sensitive or needs to be unhackable, but most of our stuff, it's just not a huge vulnerability.

The people using it don't have to be Google users w/ Google log-ins. You can set it up so some people can see but not edit.

You can store spreadsheets, word-processing documents, and even PDFs on Drive. The tools and controls work a lot like all the Microsoft Office programs. Not identically, but close enough to be a rapid transition.

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It is not completely office-related, but check out Unclutterer. They have posts on a variety of organizing problems and ideas, and frequently discuss desk organizers, computer software and general office/business organization. There's a forum, but it seems to have lost momentum in the past year.

And check out their Unitasker Wednesday posts for gadgets that you might not want to buy!

Here is a link that might be useful: unclutterer

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