Matching containers - am I silly?

mazelady2006January 25, 2008

I've been 'getting' organized for many years now and am finally getting close to having my craft/office/exercise/guest room somewhat organized. I'm adding more bookshelves and now I'm really wishing all the many containers I have accumulated either matched or was color coordinated like at the examples.

But replacing all my photo boxes, rubbermaid containers and sterlite containers would be expensive.

Has anyone attempted to color coordinate by painting/covering boxes with fabic? Or using some type of epoxy paint to paint the lids of rubbermaid containers? I do know I can add fabric to the edges of any baskets I have to make them match.

Share ideas, please!

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I speak often of "visual clutter." And I think having matching containers is nice because you can cut down on the visual clutter, and maybe even create a positive aesthetic.

Having all the same brand of container sometimes isn't even effective, because the dimensions might be slightly off, and one brand fits better than another, even if they are roughly the same size or capacity.

Are your lids all white? That would be the best. And maybe if they're not, replacing just those few that aren't might not be quite so silly sounding.

The lids are flexible, so I'm not sure if they'd paint well. You could try it on one, using acrylic paint (bcs it's plastic, and so sticks well to plastic). Krylon makes a spray paint just for plastic. I used it on something rigid--it was fine. It hasn't been in use much, though.

You could cut wallpaper or something to slip INSIDE the translucent bins, if you're willing to give up looking at the contents.

And you can cover photo boxes w/ wallpaper as well as fabric. (My personal vote would be wallpaper or something smooth, but NOT fabric, bcs I want a perfectly smooth surface I can wipe down w/ a dustcloth)

You even can paint cardboard boxes as long as you mist them several times and don't get them too wet.

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I wonder if it would look more uniform if you made matching labels for each container out of contact paper. A large square or rectangle on the front of each container could bring it all together.

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Do you have other areas that need better storage? For instance if your holiday decorations are stored somewhere that you don't see them but once a year, but they are stored in cardboard boxes now, you could upgrade holiday storage using your current boxes and buy new storage for your room with a clear conscience.

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Trying to cover everything with fabric will take time and money in supplies although it can be a fun craft activity. Painting or covering with wallpaper/gift wrap will also cost money and may or may not suit all containers and again will cost money and time.

Plastic over time becomes brittle and will crack and fall apart. Boxes can absorb small amounts of moisture in the air which damages the glue layers making them more fragile with age.

It may well be that some of your containers do need to be replaced and purchasing new may not cost much more than trying to rehabilitate what you have currently. Inspect your containers and determine if some do need replacing - those that need replacing can be co-ordinated. In addition, it may be worth it to you when you can enjoy the serenity of having similar containers instead of a jumble. Containers still in good condition can be used elsewhere such as inside a cabinet or cupboard where mismatched containers isn't an eyesore. Watch for a sale or coupons, maybe you can get a good deal.


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