Box Gutter Leaks?

columbusguy1March 30, 2011

My box gutters are in good shape, but this past winter, and the one before, there were huge icicles where the downspouts join them. The gutters were lined about fifteen years ago with a rubber substance, and the front downspout was replaced about six years ago with new galvanized round spouting.

Looking at the gutters from the attic, the rubber lining seems okay, but I can't view the opening to the downspout without getting someone up on a ladder. There is a second downspout in the middle of the rear of the house, and it too had this problem. Is this more than a clogged downspout--no major trees overhang it, as you can see--or do I need to reline the gutters?

One bit of info: the house leans just slightly in the direction of the front downspout, so in very heavy rains the water will come over the side of the gutter as well; do you think adding another downspout on the opposite front corner would help with this as it would cut down on the amount of water going into this front drain?

The tree in front has fewer branches now due to removal of dead wood by the city forester--so I think there is even less debris collecting now. :)

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Seems like theres more gutter chat on the Home Repair forum. I guess the old house folks can't get their mind into the gutter--too old fashioned!

When we had gutter problems to diagnose, we got a ladder and garden hose and sprayed away until we could see exactly what the problem was. Since you hate ladders, I suggest a ladder with a friend on it and a garden hose. Somebody needs to be watching from the ground with binoculars anyway.

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Do you only have two downspouts on the whole house? We're in a foursquare too, and we have six downspouts. Maybe ours is overkill, but two seems like it might be too few.

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That's right, arlosmom, two for the whole main gutter. The back one is right in the middle of that side (east), and the front (west side) one is on the north corner. I can hardly figure how leaves could get in since I almost never see any from the attic windows, but I suppose birds or squirrels could be doing it also?
By the way, arlo, are your box gutters wide and fairly shallow? Mine are about 4 or 5" deep at most, maybe about 8 or 9 inches wide?

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