nancyjeanmc, how do you deal w/ those giant lax bags?

laxsupermomJanuary 11, 2009

I didn't want to hijack the other thread and would like advice from another organizational minded lax mom. In season sport bags(his football duffel is enormous, too) live in my van or the foyer, neither of which is an ideal situation. Out of season, they take up space in his closet. As he grows, he's using more of his closet for actual clothes and those sport bags keeping getting bigger. Pads for a 12yo are much bigger than for a 7yo and I'd imagine they're enormous for a 15yo.

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Live and learn! My small mud room is useless, so we are putting up peg board on the garage wall so they will ((hit my knees, quick prayer...)) get hung up as we come in. Before we come in!
My oldest is heading off to college in September, so my load will be cut in half, but there's still the tennis bag, soccer stuff, etc. Soccer can be put away at the end of the season, but tennis gets played (for fun) year round.

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LOL! If things could be hung up before we made it into the house that'd be great. I'll have to carve out some garage space from DH's tool mess. Don't even get me started on tennis gear. We have 9 rackets for a family of 4. The little one just turned 4 so none of them are his.

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Sounds like our home, laxsupermom! People keep telling me it flies by, and I'll miss the mess one day. Maybe...if I don't break my neck tripping over it first!

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My DS made himself a rack to hang all of his "stuff" from broken hockey sticks, for the basement. Hockey "stuff" really stinks!
Kathy G in MI

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