Oh Happy day!!

maddiemom6January 13, 2006

I found a local small charity place that wants all my fabric. They are THRILLED to get it and I am thrilled to give it to them. I will be getting rid of TEN huge rubber maid tubs of fabric. Oh happy day!


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Wow! It's great that you found a place for the fabric but from the tone of your post, I think you are relieved to have finally made a decision to empty 10 rubbermaid bins.

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Hey!!!!!! Thats great!!! What a marvellous place -- and what a wonderful way to bless other folk too!!

Doing the Happy Dance!!!!! Dancing ..... Dancing ......

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!!! Dance of Joy !!! from me, too!

Ten tubs is a ton of real estate you just reclaimed!! Where were the bins, and what are you doing with the new-found space??

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That charity must be thinking the same thought, happy day.
That's great for everyone. So much space 10 tubs is going free up for you! I bet you feel 10 tubs lighter.

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Thanks!.. thunder storms here so all the bags are in the back of my car waiting to go tomorrow.. The bins were stacked sky high in my sewing/sun/dump room. We have been sticking all the tools back there during the construction but the DH went out and bought a treadmill (ugh!) and I need to be that room ready for it. I have not sewn in ages and really really miss it. But the room is one of those HUGE projects that needs to be broken down into mini steps to make some sense on it. To make room I need to get rid of stuff.. ( got that going on!).. so I can move the section of counter top that is blocking the heater closet door.. so that we can take out the old heater ( can you say bigger than a car?).. when THAT is out then I can finish off the closet interior so that I can then move my sewing and crafting stuff in there so that we then have ROOM in the room. *sigh* Ok.. I am thinking I need a drink!


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I had to think twice about getting rid of all my fabric, then I gave it away. I wasn't sewing at the time either, and decided that when I *did* decide to sew again, I could just shop for new fabric!

Sewing, of course, hasn't actually happened yet, so I made the right choice to eliminate the fabric stash. And so did you!

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When I had the quilting bug 10 years ago, I went crazy collecting fabric. I bought way more than I could ever use. Well, the "bug" went away, I packed up my sewing machine, but I still had tubs and tubs and tubs of fabric. Thank goodness my mom is an avid quilter, so I gave it all to her. The best part is that she's made me several quilts using my fabrics, so I still get to see them! (But not in tubs!)

Good for you for finding a home for your fabric!


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I ditched my 2 tubs' worth a bit ago--it was a sort of "redefining" of myself.

I like to sew--or, at least, I like the *idea* of sewing--but I don't have time. Now, anyway. And when I do have time in the future, I'll probably want different colors. And the fabric itself can wear out. So....

And it STILL feels nice to have that space back. (I'll also confess, I kept one tub out of three, carefully edited, however)

And I'll never get rid of my sewing machine! It's worth the space even if I only use it once every 5 years to make my own curtains.

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I was searching this morning for FABRIC, as I have a bunch of it from when I did sew & especially when I did make machine quilts.

Yesterday I went through most of it with the intention of getting rid of it, when I thought...maybe I could make something, or alot of somethings! I tried to sort it out and see what would go good with what...and just about every piece fit in.

So here I am this morning with my same problem...
I found this post and was thinking how great it would be if I was able to find someplace that really wanted some of it.

Someone had suggested a school and teachers, which I must admit I haven't persued yet.

Any ideas? I know I would be much better with parting with it, if I knew someone/someplace that would really be happy to recieve it.

I would be happy to send it to anyone on the forum who wants some cotton fabrics. Maybe I will take a photo of it and post it later. BTW...I will even pay the postage so think about it and let me know! Colors are mostly navy blue and prints that go with navy!

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This is still so hard for me to think of parting with it!

Silly, isn't it when I haven't sewed for about 5 years when I made my youngest grandchild her quilt for her birth!

I made a quilt for the births of each of my grandchildren. One of the girls now 10 years old still sleeps with hers! It is faded from many washings and falling apart, but she loves it still.

So many memories attached to fabrics and where we used them. Maybe that is why it is so hard to part with them.

Any suggestions to help me? I would welcome them!

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Check if you have a senior group in your area. I know the one by me has quilting classes.

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Thank you dd50...your response gave me the idea to search the internet and I found someplace called the binky patrol, that make blankets for children. I wrote to some people about it and am waiting to hear if they would like my fabric.
I will include the link incase anyone else is interested. I would feel really good about giving my fabric for this purpose. I will let you know how it turns out!

Here is a link that might be useful: fabric donation

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I already heard back from the gal, who would be happy to take my donations!
I will get a box ready and ship it to her the beginning of the week, for quilts for children. I cannot think of a better purpose to use it for!
I am delighted!

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"I put pictures of all the quilts I'm making on my blog and I would be happy to let you know when yours is done =) I understand how attached you get to your fabrics. I feel the same way and it makes me so happy to know that a child is enjoying them. My own kids are 'blanket kids' who just love their own blankets and to know that I can make blankets that will provide comfort to other kids makes me so happy. Take a look at my blog and see what I've been up to with other donated fabrics."

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Looks like this gal could be making her blog site for the organizing forum!
Thought you might enjoy it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Blog site

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I am so glad you found a home for your fabric. That will make it so much easier to let go of. Good job!

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Yes, I am so happy with the new home I found for my fabrics! I have one box packed up and ready to ship out on Monday! There will probably be more to follow.
Thank you again for your help in suggesting a place that might want it. That triggered me on to search the internet.

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I heard a saying "Whover dies with the biggest stash of fabric wins!" Optimistic, huh?

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Looks like it will not be me!
I feel really good about thinking of a child with a blanket made from my fabric instead of it sitting in storage at my house.
I packed up a second box and will ship it tomorrow!

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