Cat center / Laundry Sorting Area Organized (pic)

crystal01January 31, 2007

Eight years ago I drew a design for a Cat/Laundry Sorting Center, it never got built because it was going to cost $300. in materials, let alone the time, etc. Well, while re-orging my foyer closet with an elfa system from the Container Store, a light bulb went on! Here are the results:

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wowee, crystal--that's great!

Here is a link that might be useful: crystal01's cat center, a clickable link

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Good use of pre-fab materials

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Big difference, Crystal, that's great!

For what is' worth, here's my set-up:

I have two cats and my laundry room is also the cats' room. In fact, they are confined here at night too, so I had to factor in bedding. (The floor is tiled and it is a chilly room and I spoil them.)

The litter box is stored under the sink (where the machine empties into). I've even used a tension rod to hang a "curtain" (actually an old beach towel) to hide the box, keeping it slightly open for kitty access.

Bucket type litter stands on floor near here, also serves as a stool, if needed due to bad back, while scooping litter.

The cat beds used to be up on the small counter, but one of the cats is getting too old to make that leap. (And I wanted my counter top back!) Then the beds took up limited floor space, that I was always shuffling around. Not any more. On an opposite wall I have a triple laundry sorter on wheels. Beneath this is a 5' runner-style rug and two "pet" pillows, side-by-side that fit perfectly beneath the sorter. The food bowls are to the left, where there another 16" of rug.

Dry food is stored in a plastic, hinged-top container on a tray that one of my kids made a few years ago.

All-in-all, it works.

Here is a link that might be useful: laundry sorter with wheels

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