dining room table pads storage

scoutcatJanuary 31, 2010

I have 4 table pads (2 for the regular dining room table, 2 for the leaves). They're supposed to be stored flat so that they don't warp. I did have them laying on 2 high shelves in my laundry room, but they were a pain to get to when I wanted them. Does anyone have a good idea for out of the way storage that's not inconvenient?

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Put them in an underbed storage tote

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I slide mine under my couch!

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Mine have been on edge behind the dining room drapes since 1980 (and through four residences!)...

no warpage yet.

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Thanks everyone!

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Ditto Luann. Mine are on edge behing the china closet for 20 years, no warpage.

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I'd think they'd be as likely to warp flat as on edge.

I have two DR table leaves that I slid under my bed. (I reasoned that the linens I stored under there could be folded into a different shape.)

I keep them in the original boxes, and so I put each table pad inside the box with its leaf.

Why is it these pads are not on the table all the time? If it's because they are for the leaves, why not store them with the leaves?

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I've stored the leaves and pads standing behind the LR couch since '75. No warping.

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I have a bookcase in my dining room, there's a spot about 6 inches wide next to it near the corner of the room, in which I can stand up my table leaves and pads. Out of the way yet accessible. Without the leaves, my dining room table seats four. With the leaves in, there's room for ten. We've done just that, for Thanksgiving.

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Actually, matt-holmes, that *is* a smart idea about adding a shelf to take up some of the extra-big gap above the items on a shelf. Lots of times those storage shelf sets come w/ 1 too few shelves.

I added a shelf to a set like this one (and you can see the gaps Matt-Holmes & I are talking about as well).

I bought that ClosetMaid-type of wire shelving from Home Depot, and suspended it from the holes in the shelving posts w/ a heavy-duty cable tie (and clipped off the excess)

I might not want to store them in the garage, bcs of dampness issues, but I have storage shelves other places that have those gaps.

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I keep them wrapped in plastic and store under the bed. I also have a few table leaves stored flat under the bed that are wrapped in a flannel case to protect them.

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