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rabbit8January 22, 2005

What sort of items can be placed in my nightstand. It has two drawers. I want to get my worth out of it as far as what things can be placed in them.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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If my nightstand had two drawers I would probably keep some extra personal protection products in it and maybe some bottled water and if they could fit, a box of tissues.

Mine has one shallow drawer (and a shelf below). The shelf has books, a box of tissues, a water bottle (or two) and a mini-garbage pail. The drawer contains a pretty, fabric covered compartmental organizer. These are the items I find handy to have bedside: mini-note-book/pen/pencil, emery boards, extra book marks, small hand lotion or cuticle cream, medicated lip balm, Tylenol PM (use as directed; I use a half (1/4 dose) a tab every once in a while).

Other ideas that come to mind for a second drawer are: spare walletsÂzippered pouches, perhaps some cozy socks or even slippers.

Have fun!


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Thanks Maura,

What a wonderful idea. Right now, my two drawers are empty.

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rabbit, I recently cleaned out the desk (with two small drawers) that is serving as my nightstand. In them I put a nail kit, antacids (sometimes needed at night), tissues, hand lotion, eyeglasses, pen, notecards, facial moisturizer, eyedrops and contact lenses. I'm thinking about adding ibuprofen, and bottled water is a great idea.

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Just thinking yesterday, that I'd like a nightstand w/a couple drawers and a flat shelf on the bottom. The bottom shelf for the latest book...The drawers for Kleenex, eye drops (for those yucky mornings), throat lozenges and a small notebook and pencil for all those things I think of to do when I'm laying in bed, then can't remember when I get up!

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I redid my nightstand about 4 years ago, and it's still perfect. It is my favorite (and almost my only) success story.

Here's what I did:

I asked myself, "what do I use when I'm right here, in bed or sitting on the edge of the bed." Almost nothing else went in there.

The other category that went in there is, small stuff that, when i need it, i don't want to have to look.

Here's what I use when I am by my nightstand.

*extra-personal protection stuff, and similar intimacy aids.
-including, in the second drawer, a few thin hand towels

*grooming suplies
-fingernail clippers, etc. (I do this sort of grooming when I sit down on the edge of the bed)
-hand lotion and white cotton gloves (for moisturing hands at night)
-cotton swabs (don't tell my dr.; to get after-shower sloshies out)

*clothes grooming (bcs my nightstand is not far from my closet, and I sit on the edge of my bed when getting dressed)--some of this has moved out bcs I didn't use it anymore
-needle and thread for darning socks (this has gone away; at the time, I wore a brand of socks that came unstitched at the seam (not worn through, unstitched); but I dont' wear those socks any more)
-sweater shaver (this went away bcs I don't wear sweaters much anymore, and I put it w/ the lint roller in the top of the dresser
-clear nail polish (for stopping runs in stockings; this is still there)

*female hygiene supplies (pads only)--since I get dressed right there, I can grab one right there

*panty hose and tights--again, I get dressed right next to the night stand, so I can just reach over and take one out. I could put these in some other spot, but my nightstand has 3 deep drawers (one deeper than the other 2), and what else was I gonna put there?

From the "I need to not have to search for them" category:
*a small flashlight (so I can walk around the house in the dark w/o turning off lights)--this is sort of an "i need this when I'm by the nightstand, bcs I usually need it when I get up in the middle of the night)
*my camera, and extra film (got a "bra box" from Container Store to hold these in the pantyhose drawer)

It really helped me to thing not "what stuff can I put in here" but "what do I *need* when I am by this storage piece, what am I doing then?"

ON my nightstand I have:
-clock radio
-eyeglass holder (I'm thinking of figuring out how to put these IN the drawer--one less thing to dust around)
-boutique tissues
-coaster (not in use often, but available
-CDs, for the clock radio (a new addition, and they make me nuts--I need to figure out how to put them down below. Another bra box?)

Good luck!

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Talley Sue,

maybe a slim CD wallet?


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nice idea, but I still would have to put it somewhere OTHER than the top of the nightstand.

And our CDs are still in their cases, so I don't want to deal w/ removing, transferring, etc. And putting them ALL in sleeves and ditching the jewel cases is just not in the cards for us right now. (for one thing, it would just take too much time)

i think the big thing is to get them off the top and into a drawer; I want something to keep them from getting lost among the pantyhose and tights.

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I keep the following:
- small box of tissues
- 3 bottles of lotion (hand, foot and face cream)
- nail clippers
- these great foot and elbow covers I found at Bath & Body Works (great for moisturizing while you sleep)
- flashlight
- book
- coaster (I like to drink hot lemon tea before going to bed)

I've tried hard to keep clutter on top to a minimal - I only keep a clock radio and a lamp on top.

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in case anybody's curious, I figured out my CDs this morning. That bra box I bought for the deep bottom drawer will hold them on end, and the drawer is deep enough that they clear.

My camera goes in that box, so I just stood *IT* on end, to make room. Works great!

Here is a link that might be useful: the damask-covered bra box from Container Store

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