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missindia2020January 15, 2009

I read the newest postings and while my house is far from an organized state - I have made some progress. I have some more stuff to go to Goodwill. Yay me! I have a few tasks on my list today to work on. I am also trying to remember that some of this is 4 years in the making (since we moved to this house).

Currently I am a temporary employee and the money I am making is going for our daughter's afterschool care and day camp in the summer. I have to keep her there in case I get a permanent job - been trying for a couple of years now. As soon as I get a permanent job, I have already told my husband I want to get cleaning help at least every other week. I know it's a luxury, but I really think it will be worth the money. I will feel better if someone can just help me do the maintenance cleaning.

Have a great day!! :)

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You need to stay on maintenance while decluttering or you never get done. Have you checked out flylady?

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I have, but I have ADHD and it was a lot to soak up! :)

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I agree, Miss India...FlyLady is a lot to soak up (and I don't have ADD!!) Three good tips I did get from her; divide the room into a clock, and just clean from 12 to 1 or 2. Or, agree to put 10, or 15, or 25 things AWAY. Sometimes it's just the kick that gets you started/focused. I still do the time, too - 15 minutes in the kitchen and be done. Knowing it's just 15 minutes keeps you on "topic."

Another huge help for me is a headset for my phone. My sister and I talk for about an hour every day. I stick the headset on, and, since I feel silly just sitting there doing nothing with my hands, I use the time to fold, put away, etc. You don't even realize it's getting done. I love my headset.

Favorite Flylady-ism...C.H.A.O.S. Stands for Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

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Just posting to you motivated me to do a 15 minute swing through the kitchen. It isn't perfect, but if someone showed up at my door, I wouldn't be paralyzed by C.H.A.O.S.!
Thanks for the "push."

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