pictures of Elfa-type custom closets?

bellesouthJanuary 5, 2008

I've searched for closets here, but haven't found many photos of the wire Elfa-type drawer/slide-out units. Elfa is on sale now and I have walk-in clothes closets and a pantry to buy for(house isn't built yet; I'll store it. IT'S 30% OFF.). I know I can have them plan it for me, but seeing what others have done first would sure help. So I don't mess up on the spot and regret it later!

Any direction or any cautions?

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If the house isn't built yet, I'd wait: dimensions change!
Container Store does have sales other than January; I bought an Elfa system for a utility closet last summer on sale. You can change the spacing & components fairly easily. Some pantry items can tip over unless you add a hard liner to the wire shelf or use plastic bins.

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I think the beauty of Elfa is that you don't have to get it absolutely right the first time. I have lots of Elfa and the freedom to adjust and add is what I like about it. So, you want pics. Lemme see what I can do... :-)

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Okay, here are pics. Warning! These spaces are a mess, especially the pantry. We are getting ready to list the house and reorganizing is on the to-do list. Until then, chaos rules.

What I will say after doing four closets (walk-in clothing, reach-in clothing, office-in-a-closet and pantry) is that the planners have certain ideas and I have my own. I like symmetry for instance. In one closet, they tried to maximize space but it was out of balance to my eye. So I had to tweak it. They are very good about going back and forth with a design until you get it right, zipping you e-mail files and then chatting on the phone. I find it helpful to know what I want before I call. Have fun, it's great stuff.

I'll check back in of you have any questions. If I forget, you can find me on the Home Dec board most of the time.

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Ooo. I want some too!

amysrq: I looked at the containerstore site and it looks like the wall-hung (track-hung) slide-out baskets are only available with the wooden shelf tops--or dustguard--on them now. Am I missing something??

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The container store has sales on Elfa twice a year (Jan and sometime in the summer). I'd wait until June (or once your house has actually broken ground) to spend the money. Dimensions do change!

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The January sale is for Elfa...the whole system. In the past, the Summer sale has been on shelving only and therefore does not apply to non-shelving gizmos (like drawers and frames, which are very expensive) within the Elfa system.

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