Ornament box worth every penny!

chmpgntstJanuary 6, 2008

Hi all,

Usually I just lurk here, but I had to share this.

My favorite part of Christmas is the tree -- but my very least favorite part is taking the tree down and putting all those ornaments away. Somehow my husband always seems to get out of helping, too. We usually have a big tree with well over 100 ornaments, so the take-down is no small task.

This year I finally broke down and bought two ornament-storage boxes. I have wanted them for years but always talked myself out of it, thinking it was a waste of money. I cannot tell you how much easier it made the whole task. Instead of wrapping each ornament and arranging them in a regular shallow box, I was able to pop each into its own little compartment. It was easy to put several small ones in each compartment. For very fragile ones (would you believe my MIL makes ornaments out of eggshells?) I wrapped them in a little tissue, but only a few required this treatment.

Anyway, I'm not sure I'm really more *organized* but it seems a good way to store and protect ornaments and make a tedious task easier!

Here are the boxes I used.


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I also have two of those ornament storage boxes. I've been using them for at least ten years. They are getting a little shabby, I may be buying more soon.

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I love my ornament compartments--mine are cardboard dividers in a larger box, two levels worth. Though I had to add sides to them so could lift the layers out w/o the ornaments falling off the side. (Mine's a little bit like this one. I only have 2 layers, which leaves me w/ a short section that's great for larger flat pieces, or lights, or the garlands. One of them got a crack, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to replace them both (bcs I like them the same size for stacking, etc.)

I was contemplating getting the plastic versions, but I like that I can bend the cardboard dividers of the edge compartments so I can fit larger stuff. Plus, some of those things are just way too fancy for me--it's as if you've put more money and time into the storage than into the stuff.

My DH once dropped the box of ornaments, and nothing broke. Thanks to the compartments.

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I don't even wrap most of them in tissue paper. Unless they've got glitter that will rub off, or if I've tucked a few of them into the same compartment and think they'll scratch each other (thought most of them won't, so I don't wrap them even if I do group them)

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I've considered these, but most of my fragile ornaments aren't simple balls. I have old wooden ornaments in different shapes, a collection of bird ornaments with long and extravagant feathers, and so on.

Are the compartments big enough to fit odd-shaped ornaments? Do you end up wrapping them anyway, because they don't fit quite right?

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I have absolutely no balls either, Joann.

Most of mine aren't that terribly fragile, which is why I don't usually bother wrapping them. As long as they don't move around that much inside the little compartment, they're fine. At least for me.

The wooden ones are pretty tough. It's only the glass ones that I might wrap--but then only if they're in w/ other ornaments, or if there' s a lot of space so they'd build up momentum as they shifted from one side of the compartment to the other. And if there's that much room, I've usually put another ornament in there, LOL!

in fact, I even put odd-shaped glass ones in the compartments, unwrapped, and they didn't break when it was dropped.

As for dimension and size:

I bend the cardboard of the outside compartments to make room for the extra-big ones. Once I took out a cardboard divider to make more rectangular compartments--that could work for your bird ornaments.

In fact, I think the fragile ornaments would be safer in compartments than being wrapped in tissue and stacked on top of one another.

I have only a few odd-shaped ones that won't fit and only a very few that the truly precious to me as well as fragile; they go in their own boxes inside yet another box.

That's what those compartments become--boxes within a bigger box. Which is the safest way to pack any breakable.

My large box gets a little heavy and can be harder to wrestle around. The ones that our OP linked to are each their own single layer, and are a tad smaller around than mine. So there would be even less risk, I think, bcs you'd find it easier to handle.

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For feathered birds, etc. I use ziplock freezer bags, blow into them then seal. The ornament is thus surrounded by layer of air. I've used this method for papier-mache ornaments too with delicate parts. Even safely mailed dried flowers. josh (a constant reader here...)

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Chmpgntst, those are nice boxes. Mine are more like talley-sue described. I bought them last year and I was really annoyed when I saw that the layer bottoms were not attached to the dividers/compartments and that the outer edge compartments did not have sides - nothing could be lifted out without everything falling out. Grrr.

Last year, I replaced one layer with a couple of modified liquor boxes and they're okay. I need to work on this some more. I might just try to find the right size cardboard boxes, cut them down to the right height and use the existing compartment dividers or make my own. Which means I could have done without the special ornament box to begin with and just modified a plain old storage tote. Oh well, live and learn. Josh, good idea about the ziploc bags.

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I have the ones similar to tally sue. Mine don't have sides either so you have to use the first row and move down. It's a pain when you aren't using those but need to ones at the bottom. Other than that I like them and I don't wrap them anymore so it saves a lot of time. This year for some of the larger or longer items I didn't put the dividers on the top row and laid them on top. Some wrapped and others not.

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Amy, I was the same way. Talked myself out of them for several years. Finally bought some a few years ago and now wish I'd done it sooner. Sure does same a lot of time!

Joann, for odd-shaped items, check this link. These are the type I have. What I like best is you can configure the indivual spaces inside. I too have many odd-shaped ornaments so these work well for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Snap 'n Stack Ornament Storage Box

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I have the Snap 'n Stack boxes and love them. I like that I don't have to use all the ornaments in the top layer before I get to the next layer.

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I like those snap n stack. Going to get some next year as I still need more. Love that you can lift off the stack instead or having to take the ornaments out to get to the next row.

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I have hundreds of ornaments that vary from simple glass balls to rather large oddly shaped handmade ones. For years I used boxes with dividers that didn't have sides on the layers but looked for something that worked better that was not cost prohibitive. I finally found these and they are great! I actually have 4 of the larger boxes, mostly filled, but with room to grow. The drawers all come out individually. I can take them all out and pick and choose which ornaments to hang without disturbing others. The one issue is that they are not acid free, which I somewhat remedy by wrapping any special ornaments in acid free tissue. We put up multiple trees so I use a separate box for each room's ornaments. Works great, not too expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: ornament storage

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I moved to those snap and stack boxes last year, and I absolutely love them. I found them on sale at Target, which made it even better, lol. I added two more this year, and finally have storage for all our ornaments. I also have larger and odd-shaped pieces, and I've found that the cardboard dividers can be easily adjusted to accommodate even the biggest ones. I really like them.

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I was really annoyed when I saw that the layer bottoms were not attached to the dividers/compartments and that the outer edge compartments did not have sides - nothing could be lifted out without everything falling out. Grrr.

laura7051 and dd50: I *added* sides to my ornament boxes, bcs they had the same problem.

I cut sides out of cardboard, and then I attached them to the cardboard platform/divider w/ duct tape, and then added duct tape to create the corners. Duct tape is flexible, and this lets the sides adjust to whatever's in them. It was a little bit of time, but it was very worth it.

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I love the snapware kind also. Lowes had them on sale Black Friday for $7.00 and some change. I can't figure out why it makes taking the tree down so much faster. What usually takes me all day to take down my 6 trees (bedrooms, living room, dining room, foyer) I finished it all before halftime while watching the game on Sunday.

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They had the snap and stack or very similar in Target on clearance today. The ones I saw only had two shelves and stored 32 ornaments. It cost $6.xx.

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I've been using a fruit box from the grocery store for years. Inserts are thin styrofoam formed to protect individual pieces of fruit (I think it was apples at the time) during shipping. Each layer lifts out individually and there are 5 layers per box. You'll never see these. The fruit is unpacked and stacked then discarded, but if you ask you may be able to snag some.

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I use liquor boxes. They have six tall compartments. I lay the ornaments in the order they come off the tree and use paper towels in between. I snagged them for free from a liquor store about 20 years ago.

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