Where is everybody??

satine_gwFebruary 13, 2013

I am hoping that we are not losing friends here because of the changes in format. I look forward to reading the posts everyday and am always anxious to hear how everyone is doing. I hope it is just a slow day and there will be the regulars posting again soon. Hope everyone is well. Satine

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I'm here! Nothing happening here, though. Just trying to recover from nasty cold. How are you doing?

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I do find myself coming here less often and staying for a shorter time. It's just not enjoyable to read in this format, for me, anyway. Far too narrow, too white, to "unfriendly" feeling.

Not all change is good.

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I'm here, not much going on. Got about an inch and half of snow during the night, but nearly all melted already.

I happen to like this new format, very clean and neat looking.

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I'm getting used to the new format, and can increase size of text, so that is OK. We have just uncovered ourselves from a huge snow...at least 12 inches here....anxious for spring to show up, although it is now above freezing and the sun is shining.

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We were out for the day--had dr's appts this morning, then an appt. with our accountant this afternoon--all in the 'old' neighborhood, which is an hour+ away, so haven't been here today.

Have to admit, though, not here as much, though with the harder-to-deal with new format.

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I still read the forum daily, even if I don't post. The new format is okay, but I'd prefer larger and darker type. Yes I'm nearsighted and wear glasses at the computer.

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I think it silly if people leave because of the new format.
The can choose to edit to suit them.....

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Satine, how is your daughter?

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I am here...

Was out shopping for a small TV, and ended up online, and bought one at walmart.com.

Best Buy had (sort of) one I liked... but only the display. No other Best Buy in the OKC area had that one, and they would not let me buy the display.

Thus, I walked out.


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I'm not going anywhere. I think the "too bright" problem will be corrected soon. I was at the library doing my volunteer duty all afternoon.

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I'm here every day - just don't post often.

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Me too, kayjones. I was in Portland visiting my mother and sister for ten days and didn't have much access to a computer. I really miss everyone from KT when I can't read! Two birthdays, back-to-back has kept me busy this week. I hope they will change the font and background soon but I won't let all this whiteness keep me away. :) How are you, Satine?

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Jannie, you can probably enlarge the font size on your screen by pressing Control and the plus sign (+). The key to the left of the plus sign ( - ) reduces the size.

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Would ""Ctrl" and a "-" ...

... cause some reduction in the odd jelly-belly, do ya figger?

o j

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Missing Jasdip, Marilyn Sue and some others. Glad to see the posts from others-was afraid people would leave. I am not crazy about the new format but increasing the text size was enough to make it a bit easier to read.
I am doing ok. Had a very difficult week but I am praying that things will calm down now. Not to go into detail but daughter is doing well and I think is at peace (as much as possible) with her decision and baby is with a very loving nurturing family. I am depleted completely in every way and hope have some r and r and regain some sort of normalcy- - whatever that is! Satine

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I'm here for a few minutes. I read every day, don't always post much any more.

I don't understand the dislike of the new format, because it can be changed easily. Books and newspapers have white backgrounds. If you need help go to CompHelp and ask.

I'm having a problem with my computer freezing, so I drop off a lot and spend time searching computers to decide
what to get, before it freezes again. Wondering if a reimbursed is a good idea or not.

Of course that meant REFURBISHED! Unless someone would like to reimburse me for it.


This post was edited by Sue-va on Thu, Feb 14, 13 at 14:54

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Do you mean 'refurbished', Sue?

That's all I buy - haven't purchased a NEW computer since 2001! I buy mine from a retired individual who refurbishes computers and sells them for a tenth of what a new one would cost.

He gives me 10 days to play around with it and if I don't like it, I can exchange it for another until I find one that 'fits' me.

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I was caught in the blizzard we had here near Boston, 30 inches of snow, winds that topped at 80mph and no power. Four days but we stuck it out, some still don't have it. We do have a wood stove in our den so we were comfy in that room but going to the loo was not fun. No phone, no cellphone, no t.v. nor wi fi. I was forced to read two books I had avoided as they didn't appeal to me, the result was I really loved them lol. Still exhausted from the ordeal.

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Hugs to you Satine! I think of you and your family often; hope that R&R comes soon for you!

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I am here, just gone a lot as usual and busy too. I have no problem with the new format, I am used to it, just did not care for so much "grass" at the top. I have pretty old eyes too and just use reading glasses.

Sue in Central Indiana

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I'm in and out, sometimes on the computer, sometimes on my phone. If I'm on my phone, I don't have much to say because it's a pain to type on. You are in my prayers daily.

Thanks for the info on how to enlarge the print. That helps, but there is still a lot of glare from the white back ground. I have very light sensitive eyes. They will get it worked out in time.


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I think Facebook and Pinterest are killing off the boards.

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Kayjones, yep, refurbished. Saw the error when I came back a couple hours after posting it.

Lucky you to have such a good connection. Does he ship?


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Satine, I didn't realize your daughter had given birth; how courageous and loving of her in every way to give the child to a new family. I'm sorry you're so worn out and I wish you some good rest and relaxation very soon. Sometimes just vegging out with a book or the tv is wonderful.

Yaya, isn't it just driven home how much we depend on electricity when we don't have it?? We don't lose it often but when we do, I'm the first to whine. Four days is a long time without!

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Someone suggested that holding "Ctrl" and rolling the wheel on the cursor would change colour? intensify it? not sure what it was.

But ... when I held down "Ctrl" and pushed the wheel on the cursor forward ... it enlarged to type; rolling it back reduced it.

ole joyful

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