Help Me make this house look old. Photos

alteritFebruary 2, 2009

I am remodeling my 1950's Florida Ranch. I am in North Florida a block from the ocean..lots of old beach houses cedar shake, painted brick etc. Lots of stucco too. That's not me.

I want the house have charm help me decide how to paint/stain it. There are is new Hardi Lap board. Old brick and new cedar shake. I am leaning towards greys or taupe, but also looking at creamy white. what are your thoughts

I am adding shutters too.

I added a link to my picasa album hope it works.

Here is a link that might be useful: house photos

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Hi, definitely a nice house, but maybe you want to consider something... That style of house was designed with 'the future' in mind (at the time it was done), and purposely did not have the gewgaws of e.g. Victorian homes, or the radical architecture of the '30's, or even the obviously "retro" look of some houses that are built new today. What I'm saying is, you want it to look old, but would that actually suit it, or would you end up with something that really looked old (and a dump) because of its already stripped down design? You need to be careful which styles you play with when it comes to 'enhancing' things in certain ways, just as e.g. someone wanting to make a Victorian look 'new' by adding big rectangular, aluminum edged windows (in upper gables). I'm not saying not to do it, but be sure what the result will end up saying to people (or even just you).

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I understand what you are saying. I guess "Old House" here in Florida is a little different than say New England. Where I used to live at one point.

I am not going for Victorian..This area was founded in 1920's. The old beach houses are a combo of brick & cedar shake lots are painted or stained.

I am going for a cottagey costal cape cod look. Which I hope is possible through color and lanscape. If I could have put cedar shake on the whole house I would..too expensive.

Any help in figuring out color(s) of house and landscaping would be great.

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Is there a house nearby that you like? Can you go that direction? I think part of the "problem" is that the shakes haven't aged. Are you looking to stain them or let them age naturally?

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It looks a little late to be making architectural changes to the house.

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I'm looking forward to seeing your home develop character! What a wonderful house, setting, palms, what looks like a Huge yard! And only a block from the ocean! That's my kind of heaven. I haven't been lucky enough to visit Florida for tooooo many long years so I'm no help but those are perfect bones for the old beach look. Could you see the ocean if a Widow's Walk or Crow's Nest could be added? I know nothing about what's code or allowed, sure your hurricane requirements are a long list, but a Widow's Walk would sure add instant character. The great established palms are a huge plus. Oh you have me longing to see Florida again. Are you a gardener? Is there a lania? Do people still have outdoor showers there, to keep sand outside? Which room has the fabulous wall of windows?

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Thanks for giving me some feedback. We are kinda done with the "design" of the house.

If you stand on the roof you can see the ocean. Our original plan was 2 story with 3rd story walk out deck..but it was too costly.

I did just put in an outdoor shower.So Happy cause I have kids.

The yard is huge. One of the reasons we bought the house. I loved the back yard and can hear the ocean although I can't see it.

I am not a gardener..but am hoping to do some major landscaping.

The windows are in the living area..which is just one big space.

I love my neighbors house it is 2 story cedar shake on top and painted brick on bottom. My DH said we should paint ours the same way, But I don't want to be a wannbe...kinda feel like I already am. Her house is fantastic.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
From House with Shingles & Backyard

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oh...I am planning on staining the shakes and BUT i would love to keep the brick as it is. I just can't figure out what color to stain and paint the siding.

I need suggestions on colors of paint.

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They say immitation is the highest form of flattery.... I wouldn't hesitate to follow your neighbor's lead. Could you talk to her about it? Pick her brain-maybe she has some suggestions. It seems like your houses are different styles (yours is 1 story, hers is 2). Maybe you could incorporate some of her colors and use a different trim color or something to distinguish the houses.

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I agree with the suggestion to ask your neighbor about colors. If you like the colors she used, then I bet she has a great sense of color. She may even have considered other color schemes that she liked nearly as well as her final choice, and they may appeal to you.

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IF I were going to age your house I'd start by putting in a brick drive. Add some window boxes. Add some shutters. I'd stay away from dark colors they are too Northeast. Go with blues and yellows maybe some green for accent.
Do up the florals and include some good quality yard accents, like a nice swing, some statues tucked away here and there.

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Carol From NY - Brick/paver driveway would be awesome. We have to wait on that for now.. I wonder how much it would cost.

I am doing shutters.

Where would you put window boxes? I love that idea.

I will ask my neighbor what she would do with my house..good idea.

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I'd do boxes under the larger windows. The one to the right of the saw horse, the one on the garage. the one kinda hidden behind the palm.
If you make them of wood it will give you another surface to give color to and to add age.

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