Patio Storage Box With Hose

andykputtmannJanuary 15, 2014

I am looking for a patio storage box to organize some of our outdoor things. I would also like to have a hose storage box that can keep the garden hose reeled up when not in use (the hose is attached to the house underneath the deck). I can find nice, large storage boxes and I can find hose storage containers, but I can't find anything that combines the two. I was thinking of something that was around 100 gallons, but had one end of it partitioned off on the inside for hose storage. If anyone knows of anything like this that exists, please let me know.

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Good luck and save your receipt for the reel. I wasted my money on the hose reel. You have no idea how much trouble it is. You have to pull and jerk it with every turn of the reel or pull the hose out straight from the reel across the yard. It will not reel it in if the hose is not straight our from the reel. I just settled for a hose rack to hang on the side of the house with a small compartment for the small sprinklers and nozzles. It is plastic but it is holding up well.

I bought a patio storage box for the cushions for my lounge instead of carrying them in every night. It worked great until I got the bright idea to put bird seed in it, squirrels chewed their way in to get the seed. It was no longer water proof.

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