Back to the drawing board as suggested. Redone layout comments?

deedlesFebruary 18, 2013

So, as suggested we've gone back to the drawing board. As some of you remember, taking the wall down b/w the kitchen and LR made the nearly completed U plan uncomfortable for me.

So, DH and I each drew up what we thought could work and this is the hybrid of the two.

Our shared goals are; to keep as much wall b/w kitchen and porch open, as the nicest view of the river is out the porch windows, to keep the flow between the rooms open as it's a small house and we didn't want to box it up in the shared spaces. And to find a place for my Grandmothers hutch.

DH wanted a place to sit in the kitchen and preferably have it be a space that he could spread out and do work ("like taxes").
He really liked the idea of a raised breakfast bar (42" high) for some reason. He can't really say why, I think he just likes the look.

I like to look outside when I'm working so nice windows were important to me. I want to maximize storage, esp the base cabinets and pantry space. Also, in the process of working the U plan, someone said something about the peninsula leg being a barrier and whoever said that, thank you. That comment caused me to realize that what was also important to me in the overall layout was flexibility. Occasionally, we have more than a couple extra people over and need to seat 10-12 people. Room to open up a table somewhere would be nice. And once that peninsula was in, the flexibility was gone.

One other factor was to maximize seating possibilities on the porch, which is basically to put seating along the kitchen wall. We were going to have a dedicated eating area on the porch, but this new layout puts the main table in the kitchen with the option of having a small one on the porch for eating, using a laptop, staring outside or whatever.

So, here is the back to the drawing board layout. It seems to give us both most of what we want, not everything but most of it.

I realize that there are imperfect elements such as the stove being on the wall close to where the main entry doorway is and there will be traffic behind me. But, it's just the two of us and a few times a year our little grandchildren and more frequently our grown children. It seems an okay trade for a better layout.

The yellow circles are proposed ceiling lighting locations. Would also have undercab lighting and possibly some recessed if need be.

All cabs go to the ceiling (9') except the one on the table wall. That would be a shallow wall mount, more decorative cabinet.

Okay. 'Nuff said. Thoughts, comments, suggestions welcomed.

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Couple other points: the open cab over the sink is up at the ceiling, leaving a 4' tall pass-through type opening over the sink.

Here is the larger layout with the LR:

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Well, I like it. The only serious drawback is the traffic through the work zone, but at least you don't have to cross the traffic path to get to the sink. Just be careful when those grandbabies are around! :-)

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I'm having trouble reading the layout. Can you make it bigger?

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I like this layout a lot more. Just an idea, which maybe you have had enough of already? But what about having cabinets on either side of the opening at the sink and none above, you could even have cabinets on the the back of the sunroom wall that come up high enough to meet and extend the counter back. Not sure if you have enough room for this idea, in the image below the space on the left is probably a bit wider than yours (and you have to imagine the step down).

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Is this bigger?

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trying again

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Debrak, if you click on Deedle's image, it will open up in a new window as a larger picture. HTH

I'm waiting to see what others say, Deedles. I wish you the best. : )

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Thanks Laughable, I'm about exhausted with this whole layout thing. I spent the day so far putting DH through the "if this goes here, this has to go here and then we can't do this but this would be better", taping things off on the floor and stacking up boxes to be fridges and whatnot. The TKO dance. After 4 hours he said, "I can see why you've been doing this for so long. There is no good answer and it's exhausting."

I'm really tired of thinking about this kitchen, honestly.

I do appreciate the wish for luck, though! And, in the big picture we are not only lucky we are blessed so hey, the kitchen will be what it will be and everything will be good, I'm sure.

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I love your DH.
And I agree with your conclusion. No suggestions from me this time, but just support.
You have to make compromises, and only you can determine which ones make sense for you and DH.
I am eager to see photos of the completed kitchen, which will be wonderful, and vicariously enjoy your river view.


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Thank you, Sandra. I really appreciate that and you gave me a smile.

I love my DH, too. AND, for good kitchen news, he kept tweaking after I had to leave for work and I think, I think... that we've tweaked the layout posted above into something a little smarter; a better (and safer) traffic flow, a bit more storage (actually quite a bit) and for this small kitchen with its 3 doorways and its role as the main entry point for the house, I'm pretty sure we've got it as close to perfect, meeting the majority of the needs and wishes, as it can be.

I'm satisfied with what we've finally come up with. An inch might move here and there but today, the big picture is looking very nice.

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Congratulations to your DH--
As the young heroine in the Adam Bradley Flavia novels shouts in moments of glee and triumph--

Aren't moments of breakthrough and successful tweaking a pleasure!!

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Deedles- This is a wonderful plan! I think you're going to like having the windows by the range and the view from the sink is going to be fantastic :)

Athomeinva- Nice picture and great inspiration for Deedle's kitchen!

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Lavender: thank you! As I said, we did a bit of tweaking so it's a little different than above but still the same feel. I told DH that there is someone called Lavender that will like this return to an open layout. :)

We're just finishing up the master bath and then the tear out can begin!!!!

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I hope you post your new plan. If it's similar to this one, I think you have a winner :)

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Here is the revised layout. We're pretty happy with it. There is always an inch moved here or there but this is it. Finally.

This leaves the kitchen open to possibilities like pulling out the table for a larger sit-down dinner. It also give DH and I the 'as open as possible' porch wall and keeps the LR door open, while maximizing storage as much as possible, too. And it makes room for my hutch.

Even though I have no prep sink anymore, I have a nice prep area between sink and stove and a defined cleanup area to the right of the sink. And there is a NICE pantry that I'm really happy with. So. People seemed to be underwhelmed by the last couple of layouts as evidence by the crickets chirping. But I like this one, it works for us and I've kept as close as I can to the basic tenets that I've learned from everyone on GW.

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Deedles, I think your plan looks great. Do you have a spot for a microwave?

Ever since the format changes to GW it seems to me many are posting less. Here in New York state most schools are closed this week so many are gone on vacations or just busy. So that may be why you are seeing less responses to your thread.

You will know if its right. Trust your gut feeling.

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debrak: It does seem unusually quiet. That's a shame if it's just due to the format change :(

We don't use a microwave so no need to find room for that, thank goodness! Our guts are pretty settled on this one. Thanks for weighing in!

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I like the last layout you posted. Good tweaking! I am picturing tall narrow pass-thru windws on each side of your range, like what Shanghaimom has.

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I like the openness of this. Great traffic pattern from entry to living areas.
I can't remember the intervening stages, but this one looks like it will do what you need it to do.
Query: Do you have a trash pullout somewhere?

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kaysd: thank you! I do like Shanghaimom's kitchen a lot. And she did it all from Japan, as I remember. Amazing.

Bellsmom: I will have one under the sink. My drain is in the back right so I should have plenty of room under the left side.

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Deedles- That is a wonderful layout! I like it even better with the sink under the window. Without that wall to the living room, there is so much more space and the table will be so handy, between the kitchen and living area. And you found a perfect place for your hutch! :)

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Lav: my DH was not fond of the stove and the split windows for two reasons; one, he said he likes to see me in the window (awwww) when he looks for me and two, if he was laying in the yard clutching his chest or *ahem* anything else, I'd never be able to see him, lol. So, yes, the (bigger) window over the sink there is nice as are the two 36 uppers once I gave up on turning the corner. Darn corners.

Am very happy to have found a place for the hutch that makes sense, too! Now I just have to figure out what kind of range hood will work over that open wall :>?

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Deedles, I like this new layout(though I liked the old one too until you took down the wall- then I felt naked!). I am glad there is now a place for the hutch. The pantry will be great, maybe part of it can have an open counter that can be set up as a coffee station in the morning and a bar for other times,

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localeater: The bar area is a great idea. I think there is enough room there to make it work at some level.

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Here are a few ideas, with windows instead of openings...and one with glass uppers.

From [Kitchen plans]( From [Kitchen plans]( From [Farmhouse plans]( From [Kitchen plans]( From [Farmhouse plans]( From [Farmhouse plans](
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I am glad you liked the bar idea and I hope it works. I just imagined a party and people gathering around the table and wanting a place to set up a drinks station... See I am loving this new space and I am already at the party in my mind!
Just to clarify the stove wall, it is 42" tall. So basically the hood will be an island hood design because it needs to look good from the kitchen and from the porch. Is that right? How tall is the Chambers' backsplash? If it is 39", with just 3" difference it might look skimpy. Can't remember if you have highback, or lowback on the range. I don't think you can have anything skimpy looking behind that beefy range or the proportions will be off.

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The backsplash is 16" above the cook top so 52" from the floor. I was going to build the wall up an inch higher and then cap it with a nice 8" wide ledge out of the counter material (6" wall there). We'd like to leave it open, open, open if we can figure out a range hood. I'm looking at that ceiling mount Cirrus vent by Best. Can't find much real life info other than one comment on here by someone that saw it in a demo kitchen and was surprised at how well it seemed to work. I'd love if there was NO range hood visible, actually.

As for the pantry area: since that pantry is going to be about 15" deep, I was wondering if I couldn't have a pull out counter.. kind of like Breezy's cutting board or Angies desk set up. (think I got the right people there). Just for a little deeper area to set out drinks and fixin's. And you are welcome to come on over anytime!

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I think the thick ledge sounds perfect. I agree no visible hood would best. You may need to find the nearest showroom with a working Cirrus and make a road trip. If that doesn't work out I might be tempted to do telescopic downdraft in the wall. I know function is not the best, but I'd still be tempted.
I think the pull out shelf for more serving space is great.

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Fori is not pleased

I like this. Sink under the window. Will it be centered under the window? I don't know if that is important.

The ventilation is tricky though. I assume you've seen the drop-down Miele (?) hood. That would be weird. Then there's the Futuro Futuro ones that look sort of like lamps (but are smallish). Or the one they have that looks like the Cirrus but only displayed in NYC--

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