show your tupperware cabinets!

jiggreenJanuary 18, 2006

i opened my cabinet today to put the tupperware away and a it was a landslide! half of my containers all fell out onto the floor. i am vowing to have my cabinet completely organized by this weekend. i think it would be fun if everyone were to post pictures of their own tupperware cabinets...and no fair cheating!! just go in right now and take a picture and post it, no tidying up allowed!!

here is the way my cabinet currently looks, it's a bit embarrassing!! in a few days it will look totally different!

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Yes -- had the same problem.

Soooo -- I cleared the cupboard -- then stacked each size together -- and stacked the matching lids on top.

It has worked out great!!! Even DH is soooooo much happier -- he hates when there are no lids!!!

Of course -- I use Ziploc and Glad. Love those Zippies!!!!

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Isn't that the most annoying cabinet in anybody's kitchen?

(and remind me never to get framed cabinets)

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Not in mine. Two sets of the bowls with the pop on lids and that's it. One of the things I've done as I've worked through my cabinets was organize them with the goal that I did not have to move anything to get to the item needed. I don't even nest the nesting bowls, but put all of the same size in the stack so I only grab the top one off. Lids are in a bottom drawer since they are not used so frequently. When I didn't have drawer space for the lids, I put them UNDER the bowls so I didn't have to pick them up if all I needed was the bowl.

I think Tupperware started out (and still has) a great and useful product. Like all the other product lines out there, the marketing has convinced us we need way more of their things. In reality, most of us use the same thing over and over and shove the rest of it around.


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Here's mine...

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And here is mine. Comment in the Album Descpription.


Here is a link that might be useful: 2 pics

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wow, tropical muse and mvastian..i'm impressed!!! do your cabinets always stay that organized? i just finished cleaning mine all up, and i'm thinking in another week it will look like i didn't touch it! i might have to lay down the law that when DH or DS empty the dishwasher they cannot just open the cabinet and throw the stuff in.

knowing how unorganized i can be, my mother long ago bought me a lazy susan that came with containers and lids. i had put it (unopened of course) in the cabinet under my island and it has just sat there, still in the box. i finally motivated myself to put it together and i absolutely love it!!

oh and one other thing that is now driving me nuts..why does my cabinet have that frame that goes right down the center? i never noticed it before. well, i notice it when i put in large containers or pans and have to tilt them to get them into the cabinet....but, i never really thought about it before. i can't eliminate that frame because when the doors are closed, there is 2 inches of frame that shows in between the doors.

here's my organized cabinet:

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I had the same type of cabinet in my last home. I removed the center piece and attached it to one of the doors. When the doors were open it was a large opening. When the doors were closed it looked just like it did before with the center piece fitting in like it does now. My cabinet was a large corner one under my sink. I don't know if you could do it on your tall cabinet.

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Thank you jiggreen!

Yes, it stays like this all the time, because things will not fit if they're not nested and corraled just like that. In a way it helps to have little space. And owning less also helps enormously. Right now I think we have a little more than we need to use at any given time.


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I used to have a lot of tupperware, but I didn't use a lot of them. So I got rid of most of them, bought a small box of Gladware and keep that in a drawer. There are just enough that if I have enough leftovers, I have used all of the containers, so they are in the fridge. If I need one more and don't have it, I know it's time to clean out the fridge! I have one other drawer with larger tupperware containers that I do occasionally need, about 8? containers that nest. I did buy 2 more tupperware contaniners recently - a medium sized Fridge Smart container that holds lettuce and 2 of those hanging tomato holders. Those are almost always in the fridge.

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I don't have a pic, but...

I have one 18-inch-wide deep drawer in my kitchen that is dedicated to Tupperware type stuff.

And I fill it w/ rectangular Glad disposable containers in 2 smallish sizes and 1 big size. I like them bcs they NEST so closely. I reuse them until they get disgusting or lost, and then buy more.

I also put in the kids' lunch containers; that's only 2.

And the rectangular containers the dumplings come in from the Chinese food place. We picked one size to keep, and a limit--5, I think. No more are allowed to etnter. Sometimes DH forgets and puts a round one in (I thought it would be useful); I make a fuss and toss it. So lately he hasn't. I think he sees the usefulness of these limited sizes.

Under them are the larger rectangular ones I use for taking cookies to work/school/church/whatever.

No other containers are allowed to enter the house.

I do use all the ones that are in there--not all the time, but I often find myself at the bottom of a stack.

The lids sit under the appropriate stack. It does take two hands, but, it works like this: lift stack w/ one hand, take top lid & bottom container w/ other hand, replace stack.

And it's one drawer. And bcs it's a drawer, nothing falls over, and I can reach the stuff way in the back.

I *did* put a P-touch label on the side of the drawer to tell DH NOT to put any drinks containers in there; we used to keep them all together, but the drinks containers are just too much. Then, DH got the bright idea of weeding them out, so that's good!

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Mine looked like all those organized cabinets a few months ago. I can't seem to keep it that way. It was a hard habit to break but I don't even keep any of those empty tubs from rerigerator foods anymore.

Besides all of the containers in a lower cabinet, I have one of those holders for containers that is sold on TV and now in most stores. It is very convenient and keeps things neat but I wish there were different sizes available besides the ones it comes with. Also, the plastic will crack when dropped.

For those who don't keep too many containers, do you use a vacuum sealer when freezing foods?

What do you use your containers for? Is it mainly for the pantry, refrigerator or freezing foods? For me, it's for freezing foods.

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This is an IMPORTANT habit to break, though--I'm sure you've seen major improvement, just from stopping this particular invasion. I know I have.

I use my containers for leftovers and for sending lunch to work or school. I use big containers for sending cookies to work/school.

I don't use them for freezing; if I freeze, I wrap in plastic and then foil.

I've learned to value the limited sizes (though actually I have several--those Gladware or Ziploc disposable are great bcs they NEST so tightly--having 7 takes only the teeniest bit more space than having 4.

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This is the funniest post I've seen.... tropical muse: you are a wonder!!! hahah.. bragging accomplished.. ;P I wish I was like you.. I won't even post a picture of my tupperware cupboard... although it's not as bad as it used to be.. I got one of those $20 sets with the same lids that fit everything and a little rack to hold it all.. that helps..

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Sally, what rack do you use to hold the lids? I've been using a pot cover lid rack to hold mine but it keeps getting out of control.

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well, here it is 12 days after "organize the tupperware" day, and i am quite proud to say, my cabinet still looks as good as the day i did it!!! if i accomplish nothing else this year, i will still feel good about winning the tupperware battle!!
next project, the mess in the cabinets under the kitchen island!

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