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gr82bgrammyFebruary 22, 2009

I posted this in the Kitchens forum but thought some on this board might be able to advise as well...

We removed our sink to replace the countertops (I had painted a faux finish on our original white and gold speckled one to hold us over) and we were surprised to find an apron front fireclay farmhouse sink with the original sticker still attached! Now, we've decided we want to move the sink out in the base cabinet and expose the apron front. We plan to raise the sink up also instead of mounting it under the laminate as it was originally and have the countertops butt up to the sides of the sink just under the top rim. This will put about 1 1/2 inches of the sink above the counters on each side. Also, we will have to build out a box underneath the window to mount the sink backsplash on. We are planning to extend the window sill a few inches, making a wider shelf ledge, and go straight down form there. The sink backsplash will be mounted to that "box" and rest on the sink base cabinet front that will be cut to the underneath shape of the sink.

Does this sound like a good plan? I'd love to see photos of farmhouse sinks with a built in backsplash if you would care to share. All suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Here is the sink before

and here it is removed and cleaned up (with the original sticker still attached)

This is the countertop we will use (photo of our new DIY butler's pantry just off the kitchen-still need to paint walls)

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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I can't help with the construction questions, but can't resist complimenting you on your wonderful sink - it's quite a beauty!

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That's a honey! Is it porcelain over cast iron, or vitreous china?

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Kathleenca and Calliope, thanks on the compliments! I'm really liking the sink too. I've gone back and forth trying to decide about having it refinished because of the crack behind where the faucet will mount and some staining in the bowl of the right side. But, I've decided that is just character markings and I think I'll continue living with them, at least for now.

The sink is fireclay, not cast iron. If I'm remembering correctly, the fireclay is china. Please let me know if I'm wrong on that :) The markings underneath are ToPeKa and on top it is marked Crane. I'm trying to figure out exactly how old it is so I'll know a little more about my home. The sticker on front said "DuraClay Acid Proof"

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You have me hooked...I'm looking for a sink with a backsplash! Please post your pics! Your butlers pantry is awesome,....love the black hinges and pulls!

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I see this is an old, old post but I had to say, You must be the luckiest person on the earth! To find that already in your house saved you about $2,000!! I should be half as lucky. AND it's such a terriffic sink in great condition, too.

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Thanks a lot, Pinch Me! I do feel fortunate that we "uncovered" the sink! We had wanted to redo the kitchen for the 15 years since we bought this home, but DH was pushing to get rid of this sink and get a SS one, and I said I'd rather keep the kitchen as is, than not keep the sink! I finally won out and got to keep the sink and redo the kitchen too! Here is a photo of the sink in it's new position...

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I am so jealous. LOL. We had a sink just like that in an old house in France, only it was not a double bowl. I have a large, deep steel farmhouse type sink now, and they're so practical for people who actually cook and garden. I could never go back to a standard sized kitchen sink. I love it that you saved it, and didn't just automatically go out and buy a new, modern sink. It has a lot of character.

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