Thanks Nancyjeanmc!

missindia2020January 17, 2009

I read your last posts to me and thanks for the FlyLady's tips. I feel so good! I got some things reorganized in a storage bin, labeled and put away in the garage! This one bin organized 2 boxes of stuff. I vacuumed a closet in the office, where our old-model computer, speakers, printer and manuals were stored and carted off to Goodwill. So now I have room to put in a shelving unit to store scrapbook stuff. Yay! :) I may not have done it all, but I did accomplish something!

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Way to go!! And now you have an instant pay-off, a place to put scrapbook stuff!

We can't accomplish it all at once, but I congratulate you for accomplishing what you set out to do.

Keep on keepin' on.


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Miss India, You made my day!

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You are soooo welcome!

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