help needed with old closet door thumb turn latches....

melissastarFebruary 20, 2010

My old house has thumb turn latches on every closet and large cupboard door...most of them in disrepair, some of them missing and some replaced with what looks like more modern versions, in bright lacquered brass. I'd like to replace the bright ones with antique brass (or at least unlacquered brass) and replace or fix the old ones.

Problem is, I can't seem to find them anywhere in the person or online. The thumb turn is oval and has a spline spindle (star shaped). It turns a simple tube mortised inside the metal casing on either the door or the jamb side...a hole is simply hollowed out for the tube to slide through.

I have found on line something that LOOKS like it's the right British hardware sites. Called a thumb turn to operate a "rack " bolt. But the pictures I see of rack bolts are much more serious locks than the metal tube and hole operation I've got. And...I still can't seem to find them in anything but polished brass or chrome.

Any ideas?

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As you didn't post pictures, are either of these what you are looking for? I know the finish isn't the same as what you said you need, but with the might be a start.

The Vandyke's link below is another stab at it.

You could also check at salvage stores....

Here is a link that might be useful: Baldwin or Vandykes

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You can easily strip the lacquer from bright brass and tincture of time will rather quickly give the 'old brass' look.

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Is it similar to this (link)?

Here is a link that might be useful: Turn Bolt (ebay)

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Try contacting Jim at Classic Home Design in Canton CT. He is a plan designer and also runs a fairly sizable second business dealing in antique hardware. Best of luck

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I happen to be fortunate enough to live in Rejuvenation's home town, so I'm familiar with most of the things they offer...and it sounds like this is what you are looking for:

Here is a link that might be useful: Rejuvenation - Large Oval Cupboard Latch

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