done! - new powder room in our 1910 home

worldmomFebruary 12, 2009

I thought I'd post again with some finished pics of our new bathroom. We're missing a TP holder as the one I ordered came missing a piece, and we have our new doorknob/back plate to install, but it's essentially done otherwise.

I am happy with the way the room turned out and with the way it fits in with the rest of the house. It looks very similar to our largely untouched upstairs 1920s bathroom (which was originally a dressing room), and the medicine cabinet and sink are virtually identical.

If you want specifics on the things we used, you can find them in my post in the bath forum. Now, on to the laundry room and kitchen! :o) From Last Import From Last Import From Last Import From Last Import

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That is so pretty! I absolutely love it. It looks so classy and clean. I'm trying to talk my hubby into penny or hex tile to go in the downstairs bathroom of our 1920's four square. That little one is adorable too! Made me think though, I have two teen boys and I wouldn't want either of them NEAR that bathroom,lol.

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Ditto...luv it!

Question on your bath door...I'm in the process of removing my painted doors to strip them (doing one at a time...takes forever...) in order to stain/shellac them to the original dark natural wood look.

Did you refinish your doors or were they like that already? Could you take a picture of your door so I can motivate me as to what the finished product will look like? :)

I just had house guests and the guest-room has no door. It was interesting to explain to them as to 'why'....

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missouri1 - I laughed when I read that you wouldn't let your teen boys in that bathroom. We have 12 kids, and I just have to cross my fingers that catastrophe won't strike! ;o)

saintp - I feel your pain. Stripping and refinishing wood is no fun (at least not to me!) Our house, like many old houses, has a combination of painted and stained finishes, and it was giving me fits thinking of having to strip everything that had been painted. I also couldn't bear to think of painting the stained stuff to make everything match. So we settled on a combination of the two, and I'm really quite happy with it. I couldn't get far enough back in our tiny powder room to really show you the door, but you can see that the door is stained oak and the trim is white. This is what we plan to do in our new kitchen, as well. It will tie in the painted parts of the kitchen with the stained oak in the adjacent dining room. At least I hope so.

Anyway, here are two shots of the same door, one from the inside, and one from the outside of the powder room. The door has the original shellac finish and because it was out of direct sunlight, the finish is in really good condition.

(Please excuse the awful appearance of the hall! We just stripped miles of wallpaper out of our center hall, stairwell and upstairs hall, and we also have construction mess everywhere.) From Last Import From Last Import

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That is such an excellent powder room. It is absolutely true to period. Kudos, hats off, huzzah!

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I love it! Gorgeous! What a great job.

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WordlMom - thanks for sharing your door pics. They are absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe that it is an oak stain! It is very golden-amberish. Beautiful.

My 'goal' is to do the same as you did - stained door and white trim. I think it's a very sophisticated look. My doors are heart-pine, like my floors. I think I'll just be using shellac and nothing else.

But...oooh...what a lot of work it is!

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Beautiful! We're renovating an 1850s Victorian and are doing hex floors - who made yours? There alot more difficult to find than I was expecting!

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Unbelievably good! The floor is killer! I want that bathroom at my house.

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k - our floor tiles are from DalTile. You can order them at HD, Sherwin Williams and the like, or if you have a DalTile in your area, that's obviously an option too. :o)

Casey- thanks for the compliment. It means a lot coming from someone who took such great care with a period kitchen!

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The bathroom is beautiful, and so is that door!!

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Very nice...we have a 1920's tudor with a similar black and white bathroom and we've also reverted some of the fixtures back to what they should be for that period. The previous owners took the door out of the original medicine cabinet and covered the entire cabinet, trim and all, with a huge mirror. I recently had another cabinet door made to make it look original again.

We have neighbors that purchased a beautiful home next to us in mint condition - the powder room had the original cabinet that they tore out and replaced with some hideous big black framed mirror (very modern and contemporary) that's not even to scale, and a light fixture that doesn't fit so instead of shining down it shines in your face instead. It's THAT hideous. They also painted over some of the ORIGINAL mint condition tile (the decorative border) because she didn't like the fact that it had a little tinge of blue in it. Can you believe that?

They are just DESTROYING that home, my husband and I cringe as it makes our stomach turn. The previous owner was an interior decorator, so you can imagine how beautiful that place was.

Nonetheless, I appreciate when people stay with the character of the home. Your bathroom is stunning!!!

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kimcoco - your story about your neighbors makes me cringe too! I don't know why people buy old homes if they want to change them into new ones.

I wrote a while back that we're putting a time capsule into our kitchen walls when we wrap up our renovation, and I'm planning to include a letter that threatens future owners with ruthless haunting if they do anything screwy with my house. ;o) Just try chopping it up into apartments. You'll have to call Ghostbusters to suck me and my mischief-making up into one of those ghost vacuums. :oD

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I love what you did!

Keep us posted on any other updates to your home. I love seeing people restore homes to their former glory!

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That is a stupendous beautiful job!

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Thanks for sharing the photo's. I think you have done a terrific job with the bathroom - and the door. I don't have an old house but my daughter does, a 1920 story and a half. I have stripped a lot of woodwork for her, what a job! My compliments again on all the effort you put in, it really shows beautifully.

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Cyndi Charney

Just wanted to say that I love the vintage style of your bathroom. I haven't seen your bathroom post, but whatever you kept or added sure did give you a great looking bathroom!

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Is your wall tile also DalTile? It looks like their rittenhouse square - which is what will be in our shower. In fact I wanted to do the black strips and hubby wasn't in agreement until I showed him your powder room! So YAY I get what I want. hahaha.

FYI to others - according to DalTile's website, they only have the hex tiles in 1 1/4" and 2" - but they do have the 1" hex, I had to call them. We got it directly from them and are installing this weekend! We're doing flowers, too, but in a border around the edge.

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It's beautiful, worldmom! Our tiny bathroom was the first room we remodeled, when we couldn't afford to do anything else. That little room became my favorite place to be in the house!

I love the blue wall color! We have what looks like a very similar color in another bathroom. It was a Behr color. What color did you use?

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Lovely. And thank you for doing all the the leg work on our bathroom renovations for us!

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