neato-sneato drawer dividers--easy to install, inexpensive

talley_sue_nycJanuary 10, 2007

over at Kitchens, there's a thread (go quick; who knows how long it'll last?) of self-installed drawer dividers worth seeing.

Here's the link w/ pics of dividers in action--note that the very closely spaced dividers are SHORTER than the other ones, which I bet makes it much easier to get stuff out--if those skinny compartments were full height, it would be hard to reach the bottom. But the skinniness is good, bcs it forces the utensils to rise UP instead of spread OUT (the NYer in me approves), thereby meaning you can fit more in. Thous, of course, they canÂt really rise much higher than the dividers, can they? Hmmm.

And here is the link for the dividers themselves: "These plated steel barbed channels make it easy to divide drawer interiors. Just knock into place and slide in a 1/4" wood or glass divider. Each channel is 2-1/2" long.

Sold in packages of 10, enough for five partitions."

$3.30 per pack; if your order 10 packs or more, the price drops to $2.80.

You could use the 2.5" channels to hold taller dividers, or stack two channels for an extra-tall divider.

Also on that thread are remarks about the handy precut wood strips or sheets found in hobby stores, which would be a great way to get the dividers themselves. (you might find it easier to cut them with a razor saw, also sold in hobby shops)

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Talley Sue, what a great product. I've been purchasing small plastic "baskets" to organize my kitchen drawers but am stuck with that size. These would work because I could make the areas as large or small as the drawer's needs require.

Am I correct in that I don't have to nail anything into the drawer and they are not attached to the sides of the drawer so they won't leave any marks upon removal, a must for us renters?

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no, no, you are not correct.

You hammer them into the drawers; if you look at the link for the dividers themselves, you'll see they have little prongs in the back that will act as nails.

You *could* perhaps line the drawer w/ 1/4-inch-thick strips, and hammer the prongs into THOSE. You could keep the liners in place just by the pressure of the inner dividers (if you make them long enough), , or because they're leaning on the cross dividers. Or you could use those "Command adhesive" poster squares from Scotch.

There are these peel-and-stick dividers that might work for a renter--a little GooGone applied before you remove them might let you get them out without marring the drawers (also depends what the inside of the drawers are like--these will peel off melamine easily, for example)

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I was hoping... Those peel-and-stick dividers aren't cheap. I think I'll wait until we move and then see what the new drawer space needs before investing any more money. But that product is a great one.

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Great, thanks for sharing. I am going to refit my drawers with these because the stick ons don't stay stuck on!

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I've also found that the stick-ons don't stay stuck.

You have a whole compartment for pen caps? Where are the pens?

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Those steel barbed channels are just what I've been looking for. I installed basswood blinds and had to remove several slats to shorten them to fit my window. I may use those slats for dividers. They're already stained and varnished to match my wood.

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Susan, Observant! You asked for it. My DH has horrible or no organizational skills. He NEVER puts caps back on. He has ruined many slacks because he puts uncapped pens in his pants pocket.

He absent mindedly uuummm--collects pens at work and brings home a variety of pens because he has not writing instrument preference. Recently, he came home from a conference with a Mont Blanc. He had no idea what a Mont Blanc pen was. I explained how much it cost and we try to find the owner in order to return it.

So, to answer your question about the caps--I try to make a point of how outrageous this habit is by corralling the pen caps that I find around the house.

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(you *can* peel off the promotional sticker on your P-touch)

we should never show one another the innards of our drawers--or else we should be really gentle w/ one another when we see them.

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Thanks TS-but if I peel it off I won't remember the functions of the P-touch.

On the Cooking Forum, had a show your junk drawer thread-that's why I had this picture on file.

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Mustangs.....that is so funny. And, if that is your junk drawer, there will never be any picures of mine !!

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No pictures of mine either! It looks like those prongs are sturdy enough to hold the dividers, but also easy enough to pry back out with the tip of a knife or screwdriver should you have to remove them.

Thanks TS. Thats an interesting website. Sandy

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I found a great place to buy the dividers themselves--this company sells precut CHERRY strips and WALNUT and MAHOGANY

Here is a link that might be useful: order the catalog of Midwest Products' wood products

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Don't waste your time and $$$ on the sticky ones from the Container Store. They're nothing but frustrating.

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