Help needed with bifold or sliding doors

andybpFebruary 9, 2009

We are adding a closet to one of the bedrooms in our 1873 Victorian. We need to use either sliding or bifold doors but are having a difficult time finding any that don't look out of place.

Does anyone know a resource we can pursue?


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Well I can tell you it's highly unlikely that you'll find (or even want) sliding doors - I doubt very much there was any such thing back then. However, I don't see why you can't get someone to do bifolds for you, using strong hinges and not-overly-heavy wood. I think the Victorian's might have had some form of them at the time. Have you considered curtains (something heavy, that slides on a nice wood rod and has weighted corners at the bottom to hold the shape of the fabric? How about a roll-up/drop down shade type of thing?

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Check out Trustile Doors. They have many panel configurations. They are not inexpensive but they may be what you are looking for.

Or you could just do flush doors and apply some panel moulding on them

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I would caution against bifold if your doors will be very wide. We just replaced a pair of bifold door with sliding after the befold doors fell loose from their hinges for the umpteenth time, and I got tired of paying for their restoration,and worried that someone might get hurt.

I think you can "dress up" sliding doors so their appearance is in keeping with the Victorian theme you want to keep. Just remember that, in those days built-in closets were very rare. People used wardrobes or armoires to store the few clothes they had.

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MDF doors can be used as sliders and routed to any pattern you like.

Here is a link that might be useful: doors

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If you don't want to go a custom route (it can get quite pricey) you should check out the homedepot website. They have a lot more options than they stock in stores. They have several bifolds in a "victorian" style.

Also, I would try looking for doors with narrow panels and have either a small door opening or a set of bifolds on each side. The long, tall panels seems to give a more elegant, less utilitarian feel.

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