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Maura63January 9, 2006

Fellow PDA Users --

With my new Palm came a trial-version of SplashShopper. It looks very useful. (If you don't have it, check it out.)

Does anyone here use Splashshopper?

Please share any tips you have to make the most of this program --

Thanks :-)

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I don't .... There are many programs out there that handle that kind of thing. I'm actually trying to use the Getting Things Done methodology, and the way it's handled in GTD is to mark that kind of to-do as an "errand" so that it can be handled when I'm out and about or I can schedule some time to do it and tie the to-do to the time spent.

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SplashShopper is part of a suite of very useful programs called SplashWallet: SplashID, SplashShopper, SplashPhoto, & SplashMoney. I researched quite a few before deciding this was what I wanted. I have not been disappointed--it is a real gem. If you use just 2 of programs, it makes economical sense to purchase the Wallet bundle rather than individual modules.

SplashID comes with both desktop & PDA versions to store, encrypt, & sync really valuable info like account numbers, etc. There is no way I'd put sensitive info on my computer or PDA without encryption, & SplashID makes it easy & safe. Before SplashID, DH had all this stuff on a piece of paper in his wallet!

SplashShopper is a powerful yet easy list manager. It comes with some basic lists to get you started. My primary use of it is for groceries, and you can build & customize your 'master' list as you go. It has 2 tabs to let you select either the master list or the smaller subset of what you've ticked off to get (the Need list). In the store, you just tap or click (depending on your PDA) to check items off. I've used the program to build packing lists, gift planning lists, party planning lists, & so on.

The software works great for both Macintosh & Windows utilizing the Palm PDA system.

SplashPhoto is the easiest way to transfer & display digital photos on your PDA, if it is capable of that.

SplashMoney lets you record transactions for later updating to Quicken. I use Quicken but haven't used this function yet.

I do not have any connection at all with this company. Both DH & I have been very satisfied users for a number of years & several PDAs.

Here is a link that might be useful: SplashWallet PDA software

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This sounds like an electronic version of the master shopping list my mother kept in a kitchen cabinet for many years, written in pencil on a piece of paper. She listed everything she liked to keep on hand, and every time she went shopping (once a week or less, as I recall), she would take out that list and write up a smaller shopping list. It worked really well. She would periodically write up a new master list that took into account changes in what the family wanted or used. She was very careful with money because we didn't have much, but we always had nutritious food in the house.

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I think I got a trial version with my Palm as well, but I haven't used it. I don't like "master lists" - takes me longer to check through the list than it does for me to just write down exactly what I need when I need it. My palm is always in my pocket, so if I run out of something or think of something I need, I add it to the appropriate list right then and there, not having to scroll through a list to find and check that "thing". I keep a running shopping list "Memo" on my palm (several, actually - divided out by stores), and just add or subtract items on those as needed. I'm sure the SplashShopper is great if you like those master lists, but I find it's actually *too much* organization for me...takes too much time, so I won't actually make use of it. I've heard good things about it from a lot of people though! :-)

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I have had the Splash Wallet "suite" for several years. I get the most use out of Splash ID, but use Splash Shopper quite a bit too. I love these applications, and would highly recommend them. I don't think a day goes buy that I don't use Splash ID at least once.

Splash ID - Now, the obvious use for this is login information for webpages, etc. I work in IT, so have all kinds of logins for work, and this application works beautifully for that. Now I have customized this application for all kinds of lists that really aren't "IDs". I have credit card info (company, acct #, phone #, mailing address, household account numbers (gas, electric, etc - acct #, phone #, etc), vehicle information (licence plate, VIN, purchase date, etc). Other lists that I have created, just because this gives me a single place to store them, are household serial numbers (TV, microwave, DVD player, etc), software serial numbers, insurance policies (company, policy #, phone #), loan information (company, policy #, phone #), etc. I think I've probably used it for a lot of things that it's not really "intended" for, but it works!

Splash Shopper - We don't use this as much for shopping lists as much as we used to. However, you can create your own "lists", which I have found useful. I created a list for gifts, and use that to track gift ideas. I have fields for occasion, person, etc. This is especially helpful for Christmas - if we think of an idea for someone, I just it down as "needed". I also have fields for store and price in case we've seen it somewhere specific. Then, as we buy things, we check it off, but it still shows in the "all" tab to review what we've purchased. As a Home Theater nut, I also created a list for movie release dates. Another one I use is a travel checklist - for example, to remember the battery charger for the digital camera, etc.

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I use Splash Shopper extensively for household routine type lists: A.M. routine, dailies, P.M. routine, house cleaning day, weekly errands, "zone" jobs that are done monthly. Have it set up as a list "PODA" for parade of daily activities (a la Sidetracked Home Executives) with individual routines set up by category.

Also have list of entrees (including evenings "out") for menu planning. Categories in that case are days of the week preceeded by 1 - 7 so they sort in order. The "need" sublist ends up being the entrees for the evening meals for the week in order. Have experimented with adding side dishes but in general if I have the entree planned I just add side dishes on the fly.

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