bathroom drawers are 7 inches wide and I'm going crazy...

susankaJanuary 27, 2011

...trying to find drawer organizers to fit so my toiletries will stay put. I've literally spent hours looking online. I bought bamboo boxes from BB&B, but they're 6 inches wide and don't fit lengthwise either so they just slide around. I looked at Lifestyle Systems organizers that can be scored and snapped to various lengths but the reviews are so bad I hesitate to buy them. DH is no help. Anyone have any great ideas about how to solve this problem? I can't stand to open the drawer and see these little bamboo boxes at all kinds of angles because they slid everywhere. Thank you in advance for any ideas you can offer!

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Do the boxes need to come out? If not, I think I would try to find a way to adhere them in place. There's something called earthquake gel that's used to keep knickknacks from sliding off shelves, I know the Container Store carries it.

If they do need to come out, what about a couple of dowels to wedge them in place?

(If they were my drawers, I'd probably just put a couple of tiny nails in, but I'm going to guess you have nicer drawers than I do.)

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If you are close to Container Store, take a look at their wares. I had a drawer I wanted to organize (top drawer of nightstand), so I took out everything and determined what I wanted to live in that drawer. I took some measurements, like how long the tv remote is, then got a flat box top. I marked off the dimensions of the drawer on the inside, then took that to the store with me. I was able to try combinations right there in the store to maximaize the space.

Also, there is a type of shelf liner that RVers use to keep dishes from sliding around. It is sort of 'gauzy' and made of a rubbery product, comes in a roll, and would keep those boxes in place.

Good luck.


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Maximize, that's maximize.

Morning typos.....

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I don't know what you're storing, but I have these, which are working well for me. There are others that are not so deep vertically (Kitchen drawer dividers). Maybe you can find something that would work for you there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dividers

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Yep, get the non-slip shelf liner. That's what I use in my kitchen drawers to keep the little organizer bins in place. Ikea sells a roll for about $2, or you can find it in places like Target.

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thanks, everyone. I couldn't get back into the site,it shut me out and I couldn't find my password; finally did.

trilobite, what an interesting screenname you have! The boxes don't have to come out. I found quakehold and it looks like the museum putty variety of Quakehold might be my best bet; the boxes don't sit flat on the drawer surface because the edges are lower than the middle of the box, so maybe a glob of putty will work. I tried dowels before, although I didn't have the exact kind I wanted, and they slipped all the time.

bspofford, we are out in the country and aren't close even to a Walmart. I tried some of that mesh for drawers earlier also, and it didn't hold the boxes I had in the kitchen drawers at all.

claire, I looked at the dividers you recommend. They get some really bad reviews, as you may have seen, but I'm going to give them a try if the museum putty doesn't work.

and camlan, I guess if all else fails I'll try the liner again and see if maybe it's gotten better since I last tried it three years ago.

OR -- I was talking to my next-door neighbor about this and she says she has no dividers and no boxes in her drawers, just cosmetics, kitchen things, etc., and none of them ever move around because she is very very careful to open the drawer slowly and close it the same way so nothing moves. I could never do this and wouldn't even try; it would make me crazier than I already am!

Thank you so much, everybody. I at least have some things to try now. And thanks for wishing me luck.

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I had the problem of pots and pans moving around and bunching up the perforated rubber liner I had in there before. Replaced it with cork shelf liner from Container Store. The sound muffling is a distinct advantage with pots and pans. It's a bit more expensive than some other liners but once it's in place it doesn't go anywhere. I believe it would work equally well in the vanity.

Here is a link that might be useful: cork liner

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I already ordered the quakehold, but if that isn't perfect I'm going to move this allternative up to #2. Thank you very much, cross_stitch.

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susan, I'm not seeing the same reviews as you I guess. All those I've seen recommend them highly, and since I use them myself and haven't have any problems with them, your comment has me wondering about the bad reviews you mention. Regardless, I'm sure you'll figure out what's best for you, depending on what you need to store. There are many solutions out there!

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claire, I'm not seeing them either now. I went back and clicked on the link you provided. That's where I thought I saw them but you're right, they have very good reviews. I even went to Amazon just now and there also the reviews are good except for a couple which don't really apply. I know I didn't dream it; maybe the ones I found which were so negative were for a different brand of this type divider. Thanks very much for posting again. I don't have time right now to find the bad ones I saw earlier, but if they weren't for this brand it doesn't matter anyway.

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I put a couple bars of soap in the rear of the drawer to keep the organizer box from shifting around.

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graywings, you are a genius. Actually I just put a bottle of moisturizer behind the boxes to hold them. In the other deeper drawers I have to use actual dividers though.

Thank you to you and to all who have helped me with this. I may still be crazy, but not for this reason!

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You can make your own w/ these--it's not even that hard, even

And at hobby stores, you can buy precut wood (sometimes called "scale lumber"--balsa, basswood, even cherry and mahogany, sometimes birch) that will fit in them (1/4 inch thick, and as tall as the inside of your drawer).
Like: walnut, 1/4 inch thick, 3 inches tall, 24 inches long

You'll need to cut it to the right *length*, but that can be done w/ a decent hand saw, or even a utility knife. Or, you can buy an X-Acto brand saw.

If the Quake Wax doesn't work, I've used those foam poster squares.

Here is a link that might be useful: drawer divider brackets from Lee Valley Hardware

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talleysue and everyone, thank you so much. I've ordered these drawer divider brackets also. They're just what I need for some of the drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms both. We still have a foot of snow on the ground, but I'm ready for spring cleaning!

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