Aprons, anyone?

ericasjJanuary 18, 2005

Finally decided, again, that having an apron would be a good idea. (I'm going through clothes again, getting mad about how many nice tops have gotten hopelessly stained--presumably from cooking, eating or cleaning up after.)

But I'm a big girl, and it's not easy to find ones that really fit comfortably. I got rid of the one I had, because I couldn't stand the pressure of a tie around the back of my neck. I've got too many unfinished sewing projects already, so I don't want to try and make one!

I finally found some good possibilities--and since they weren't easy to find, I thought I'd post links here in case anyone else is looking for this kind of thing.

Amish-style aprons, made to order (cute!)


Over-the-head cobbler aprons, in many holiday prints


Reversable over-the-head cobbler aprons


Full, snap-front cobbler, cobblerette and half aprons


Any other suggestions? Anybody have experience buying from any of these folks?


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I bought two aprons, years ago, from Lands End. Both denim, one blue and one mint green. They wash well. They have an adjustable loop over the neck (no tie) and tie around the waist. (Usually I wear them as half aprons unless I'm cooking something really messy.)They have a deep pocket on the front.

Unfortunately I don't see them on their website anymore.(Maybe they will be back during grilling season?)

Check out ebay, search "denim apron". There are a few results there.

Not much help -- sorry.


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I was wrapping presents at Christmas and chasing the tape, and the scissors, and the pen around.

I thought, "a carpenter's apron w/ pockets would be really useful!" I could just put the little tools "down" in my pockets, and wouldn't have to keep brushing them out of the way, nor keep searching for them.

I had a similar thought when I was drilling holes for the pulls in the kitchen.

I'm going to check some of these out--thanks a bunch!

sorry I don't have any great ideas. I know what you mean about the strap around the neck.

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I like aprons, but can't stand the full ones. So I had my mom make me a few half aprons, and that's what I wear when I'm cooking. Doesn't help you at *all* - but I just make it a point to change into "casual" t-shirts after I get home from work and before I start cooking...that way it doesn't matter if I get stuff on my shirt. ;-)

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EricaSJ, if you wanted to wear a full apron, maybe just putting velcro on the ends of a tie-on bib type apron would work. It would give you more room. (?)

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When I have a big "baking day", especially around the holidays I always wear a full apron. My apron is one I made in the 7th grade for a home-ec project! LOL! Still going strong. I like the fact that the neck actually feeds through the under-arm lining and connects to the waist, that way I can adjust it as loose as I want. I hate anything tied around my neck. I may someday make another of these. I don't have the pattern any more, but it would be so simple to copy off the old apron. I am going to start the "Once a Month" cooking again, so on the day I do all that I am sure I will wear it too. I am a big slob, so the half aprons don't do anything for me, except make me look like June Cleaver without her pearls! LOL!


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Brenda, I am so jealous that you can fit into something you made in 7th grade! I look more like Larry Mondello's mother than June Cleaver these days. ;)

FoggyJ, velcro is brilliant; never occured to me.

Jamie, I like the "casual" t-shirt idea for cooking. The trouble is, I've been using up my crummiest ones for bed with leggings during this cold weather, and exercising. Then they need washing too much even for crummy jobs around the house. So I grab a nice t-shirt and mess it up. Then when I have to do errands, I grab something I could have worn to work. Then I'm short on office clothes during the work week! Which brings up the other part of my clothes problem--I finally realized I need some warm pajamas!

Talley Sue - Thanks for another search term for me to try--carpenter's apron. I'd like pockets, too, for sure.

Maura - I'll try Ebay, and denim sounds good also. I'm sure it would be more protective than thin calico-type material.

Thanks, all. On with my quest.

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I have several half aprons for differnt purposes.
One is worn while sewing to hold scissors, ruler, ripper, marking pens, etc

One when I do volunteer work in the library for scissors, pens, stickems, scoring bone for covering books, etc

and I have a two cleaning aprons to hold supplies, sponges, bottles of cleaner. Color coded for each floor of my house.

And then of course my cooking aprons which are bib aprons to protect my clothing and let me have a dish towel at my waist. I even have a fancy white apron with ruffles and flower embroidery which I wear if serving to guests.

I'd be lost without my aprons. and I usually make them in motifs that match the activity, except my cleaning aprons- which are heavy denim with snap buckles rather than ties.

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I always keep a few old t-shirts for painting, cooking, cleaning, whatever. I'm not a messy cook, though.

Although aprons are very practical, I just can't stand wearing one.

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Erica, don't be impressed that an apron fits from seventh grade . . . it is totally a one size fits all! I wieghed 95 pounds then and while I'm not heavy these days, I certainly don't weigh that now! Too bad the rest of our clothes aren't like aprons and just "adjust to fit!" LOL!


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I was wondering on what you did for your aprons. I have been making reversible aprons professionally now for 10 years now.

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I don't wear aprons, but I had a diaster once. I poured bleach on my counter to remove a set-in food stain, then leaned over it wearing black work slacks. I got a huge bleach mark out of that. Nowadays, I find I wipe my wet hands on the backs of my seat,where the pockets are (tho most of my bottoms don't have pockets). I think no one will see the dirt and the wet spots,but I see them when I do the laundry.

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