The Tiny Closets Project

Mick MickJanuary 21, 2012

Hello folks!

I am in the process of planning a redo of my tiny pantry, under-the-stairs and linen closets. I have never been happy with any of the spaces.

The pantry is small (24" by 18" by 96"). It has the builder's basic shelves. I also have about two feet of unused space at the ceiling. It is probably the typical pantry in terms of organization. My problem is that I don't see everything and sometimes I duplicate what I have. Also, I don't have any canisters. I have stored my flours and sugars in the refrigerator because I don't want pests invading my boxes.

The linen closet is (36 by 36 by 96"). I have The shelves are about 12 inches in depth. I use the closet to store linens in addition to soaps, nail polishes, cotton balls, light bulbs, etc. I have noticed that I have been throwing stuff in bins. I may or may not have thrown a few things in the closet and shut the door really fast.

Finally (yes, there is more) I have a "Harry Potter" room under the stairs. It doesn't have a purpose. Right now it holds carpet remnants. It would be a huge help to have an efficient space to store "stuff" (no idea what that stuff would be :) )

I have installed the Freedom Rail shelving units in my bedrooms about six years ago. I have had a great experience with them. So, I am going to take advantage of the Container Store's semi-annual Elfa sale.

I have a semi-strict budget of $500. This includes all of the shelving and paint supplies.

I'll be back with "before" photos.

P.S. I am also going to do my mother's master bedroom closet (also know as the plastic shelving city).

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In regards to canisters, I have NOT found a canister that keeps pests out 100%....we had a problem with the indian meal moth, came in on some bulk rice from whole foods into the house, and got into everything.

One thing I though was safe was mason jar - the classico spaghetti sauce jars? I save and reuse. Even stuff in there with the screw on lid, they got in there, somehow as super tiny things crawling up in there.....repulsive! I had to throw everything out - about 3 times.

I think this is very cute for understairs:

I was googling "under stairs closet organization" yesterday, and found this.....not feasible for me as this is the only closet on the entire 1st floor for me....

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Mick Mick

Thanks for the suggestions on the canisters.

That is very cute!

The under the stairs closet is EXACTLY like this.

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there are also alot of serviceable reasonably priced glass containers that I've gotten from ikea.....

Just thinking about big glass containers....made me want to start up some sauer kraut, lol! Maybe tomorrow.....if I do all my chores :)

Is that the project you will do with your stairs, the shelving? looks nice, and about as much storage shelf-wise as would be convenient to get to..

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"I may or may not have thrown a few things in the closet and shut the door really fast."
I don't have any suggestions, but thanks for the big laugh I got over your description!!!!!! I like the second picture with the built in areas...

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Mick Mick

Hi t-bird...I would like to turn my lower closet into a utility closet. I had an Elfa solution designed, but I am underwhelmed. I am going to improvise.

Peegee - ;)

My first project - The Kitchen Pantry

This is the kitchen pantry, my first project.

The pantry door....

The pantry is so small that I cannot have any cool nifty gadgets. But ultimately the goal is to have an organized and efficient pantry. The only "cool" feature is that I am going to go with the platinum shelving.

I spent the afternoon taking down the shelving, applying spackle to the walls, and decided on a paint color. I also put together a box for charity.

I am slightly ashamed of the condition of my pantry. I try to have a clean, updated home. I'll post the photos with the "after".

In case you are wondering...Porter Paints - Weathered Aqua...Why? Because I have a brand new gallon just 'hanging around' the house

Next Steps:
Sand the walls (there are runs up and down the walls! Darn builder!)
Paint the walls, interior door and trim
Install the shelving

I hope to have everything completed and ready to share on Thursday.


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The reason canisters don't keep bugs out is that they (or their eggs) are in there from the get-go.

However, I've never really had a problem w/ bugs, even in a sealed container.

(Freezing supposedly kills them)

And dang--your pictures didn't come through for me.

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Mick Mick

Oh. The pictures didn't show up for me. Here they are from a different site.

The Pantry

The Pantry Door

The Linen Closet

I am debating adding a door system for the linen closet. I wonder if if will be "too much."

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Mick Mick

Hey there! I have accomplished a lot this week. First, I am about 90% completed with painting the closet. I'll finish painting the walls and touch up the trim on Wednesday. On Thursday, I'll install the pantry system.

I will share pictures...Of course.

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Mick Mick

OK. 90% there. I have to buy one more shelf, add the remaining canned goods, and install the door system.



I had to purge a lot of crap - party plates, miscellaneous canisters and containers, liquor (I do regret this one..could use a shot after this project).


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