Which closet organizers look nice?

kgsdJanuary 14, 2008

I'm looking for a closet organizing system that looks nice and will hold up. I don't want to spend a lot of money on one and have it not look nice, or have it be in bad shape a year later.

I've looked at the container store, and while it's obviously nice quality, it's a lot more open than the ones you buy at Home Depot, California Closets, online, etc.

I like that the HD, CC, etc. ones have enclosed shelving, with real drawers, etc. But I'm worried because those aren't real wood. Do they hold up well with dings, scratches, etc.?

Or do you think the Container Store one still looks just as nice, even though it's more open? What are your experiences/opnions?

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I have a wire Elfa system that I suppose you would consider more open. Since it's metal, there are no quality issues to worry about. What I like about it is you notice the clothes, not the ''system'' which (to me) is what organizing your closet is about. My closet space isn't big enough for drawers or anything extra, so this bare bones system works for me. It's been in place for years, and will probably be there when I move from here in 30 years...

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We installed the Elfa system a couple of months ago, and we are loving it. We got the mesh drawers with the wood trim (Decora, I think). They look nice to me, and function beautifully.
The designer at the Container Store was incredibly helpful, taking into consideration our height, storage needs, etc.
I included a lot of open shelving. I am searching for matching storage boxes in various sizes. Using matching boxes will make things feel a lot more organized and uncluttered then a mishmash of boxes.
It was very expensive (wasn't on sale at the time), but very solid and, best of all, adjustable.

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I have the Container Store Elfa system in my pantry and it is quite nice. However, I didn't choose it for my closets for a couple of reasons. First, the brackets that hold the wire shelving take up space under the shelf. Since I use the closet space in my kids rooms to store lots of toys, I wanted to be able to utilize the full space. Also, I wanted the closet shelving to be enclosed on the ends so things wouldn't fall off.
I got the DIY closet system called Easy Track. I bought it at OSH. It seems good so far. Easy to install and adjustable. It is melamine but seems quite durable. I didn't get any drawers- just shelving, rods and wire baskets. It was quite a bit less expensive than California Closets etc.
I'm also looking into the PAX closet system at IKEA for my one remaining closet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Easy Track Closet

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we installed the PAX system from Ikea in our MB Closet and it's gorgeous and very reasonably priced!

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Just this past weekend we installed the Rubbermaid Configurations organizers in our MBR closet and I can't get over how nice they are or how easy they were to install.

Now for us, cost was a major factor. Our MBR closet is huge (by my standards) 11'x7' and I had wanted to outfit 2 1/2 walls (22') with organizers. Amazon was having a sale on the Configurations so that piqued my interest. The titanium finish is powder coated, not bare metal, and there was no cutting involved. It took maybe an hour to install it on the 11 foot wall and the majority of that time was spent finding studs & measuring. The system went up brainlessly & it's very easy to change things around.

Configurations is a wire system but they do have some wooden components like drawers and shoe cubbies. The individual components seem to be expensive, though. But like I said, cost was a major factor with me. I like the look of the wire & the titanium finish is more of a smooth, brushed nickel. Below is a link to the Rubbermaid website. I got my 2 sets from Amazon last week when the 4-8 foot deluxe Tianum sets were 99$. If I can luck ito another sale I'll have done the whole closet for 300$ being able to borrow pieces from each set so that I can get exactly the look that I want.

I'm sure that it's nowhere near as nice as the Elfa or the Easy Track but I love it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rubbermaid closets

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This wouldn't really be up to par with the closet systems you're looking for but thought I'd share what we used in DD's closet for anyone looking for their kids room or on a tighter budget: "Closetmaid Laminate Closet Organizer - 5Â10'" (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31zMZyJRO8L._SS260_.jpg). $60 bucks from Target. She's got baskets/bins on the shelves to hold the things she doesn't hang up. This along with one of those hanging shoe organizers and her clothes & shoe storage issues (very small room, no space for bureau due to queen bed) have been solved :).

Worked out so well we installed another one in the unused linen closet in the hallway (shelves now hold all her school stuff, books, art supplies, etc.) and as soon as we get around to it we're installing another one in the guest (niece's) room. Both were installed several months ago and they've held up very well - even with the daily bin removal & replacing.

HTH someone,


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I thought I would post some pics of our PAX closet system

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I think that having an interesting paint color, or even wall paper on the walls really makes a closet pop if you can see the wall behind the clothes. I've seen a few closets like that and they were really special! A friend of mine did a really pretty blue on the wall before she installed some white MDF shelving, and it was really pretty. It took it from basic to really nice.

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