Solution to Hold Shower Caddy on Top of Shower Head?

CassandraJanuary 18, 2009

I've got a pretty standard nickel shower caddy hanging over the shower head, but it won't stay up on the high end of the shower head once it gets wet--keeps slipping down to the low part, tilting the whole thing, and dropping things like razors off. The suction cups don't work--never have. I've tried squeezing the top part with pliers a bit in order to have it grasp the shower head better, but it doesn't have that much "give" to work. The top, flat part of the shower head, where it is supposed to sit, has just a bit of a downward curve to let the whole thing keep slipping down. There must be a simple solution for this without having to toss it out and look for something else. Any thoughts? I hope this makes sense. Thanks!

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What about something else on the shower head to keep it from slipping? Like a chunky rubber band, or something along those lines. I'm picturing a round donut looking thing. . . .

I can totally envision your issue and feel your pain!

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I agree with Brenda. Wrap some tape around the shower head just below the caddy - electrical tape, duct tape. Maybe the white adhesive tape you buy in drug stores to hold a gauze pad to the skin.

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I use a couple of broccoli rubber bands (thick).

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Thanks for your suggestions. I took a big rubber band and doubled and tripled it over the shower head to make the bump. It works just fine! Can't believe I didn't think of this before...

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Mine came with a little rubber thing and a fat rubber band should work the same way.

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I decided I didn't want the thing to hang on the shower head, bcs the soap melted away too fast, etc.

I put up a self-adhesive hook on the OTHER end of the shower, and hung it there.

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On similar situations I used a cable tie-wrap clamped around the pipe. Worked well. Also wouldn't, well, shouldn't have much of an issue with mold or mildew.

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