Bathroom Remodel

AmyB504February 5, 2014

Hello! I live in a 1930s Sears bungalow, and I'm researching how to remodel the original bathroom. The tub is still in good shape, and can be salvaged with reglazing, and the plaster walls are still in great shape, but the original tile on the floors, tub surround and lower walls was tiled over at some point. (The original tile is still under there.) I don't think I can salvage the old tile, but I'd like to get the bathroom back to the 1930s style. How can I remove the two layers of tile without destroying the upper-wall's plaster? Can I just cut the wall along the tile line? And what would I use as a base layer for new tile work? Any suggestions would be so appreciated! Thanks!

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Don a dust mask and plunge your circular saw into the wall above the tile, making sure you're through the old plaster but not cutting into your framing.

Use cement board as a tile base.

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Why isn't the old tile salvageable?

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The tile that's laid on top of it wouldn't come off cleanly...we tried popping a few off and it left thinset behin on the original tile. Also, not sure why thè tile was covered up to begin with (might bè damaged to begin with...)

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you can clean thinset off. it may have been covered because it just didn't look "modern" can you post photos so we can see?

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