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jakuvallFebruary 18, 2013

Just a note, if you send an email to someone through the forum and you have your own email blocked there is no way to send you a response. You see at the bottom of the email you send it says
(PLEASE NOTE: The member responding to your post has chosen not to reveal his or her email address. Therefore, you cannot reply to this message via email.)

If you want a response you have to unblock your own email. I understand the implications, I have serious reservations about allowing email to me on here but have so far.

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Sophie Wheeler

That's why you create a Yahoo address for use on the forum.

And really, why do a private emailed question at all? If you've got a question, probably others have it as well and it would be better answered in public so as to help others with the answer as well.

The only type of private emails that I get are the ones soliciting my services. And although it's flattering, it's usually the way across the country. I can do without that particular headache.

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There is a way to send them a response ... go to their My Page and respond to them from there. Neither of you has to unblock your email.

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I've gotten a couple of private emails and they were legitimate questions vs some come-on. In their defense for not asking publically, the questions were about something in a photo I'd posted to illustrate some point that had something else in them the person was asking about. For example, if a the thread was about corner cabinet configuration, but my photo also included the kitchen window, the person might have asked about the trim we used on the window. Totally off-topic for the thread, but of interest to that person. And yes, one of them did have a blocked email return. I recently posted a comment much like yours, jacuvall, but I also answered the question, which I think was about flooring, and hoped that person would get the answer. Clearly, whoever sent you an email didn't read my previous warning, or forgot to check their own account for the checked box, so a second advisory is good.

As for concerns about attracting a bunch of unwanted solicitations, I keep an email account specifically for ordering things online or other activity that might result in unwanted stuff in my inbox. I don't check it as dutifully as the one I keep just for personal email, but I do get there every couple of days.

With that, I'm off to catch a plane to go celebrate my grandson's 5th birthday!

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OK, dumb question, but where do I find my messages? I have searched and searched to no avail. Thanks!

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Buildinva--there is no "message" box on this site. The earlier comments refer to email messages in your email inbox.

I routinely receive and answer private emails. I agree that some are really best asked via an email rather than a new "call out" post on the forum. What color did I see on your walls in your entryway when you posted that OT pic of your cats? Best answered via a private email than general forum, IMHO.

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Breezy--well no wonder I couldn't find it! Ha! Thanks.

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I've often emailed people to ask about details in their posted photos that were not mentioned, mostly because I didn't want to hijack the thread. I have to say that everyone has been very gracious about responding and being helpful, love this community!

I noticed that my email recently was reset to being blocked, and I suspect that has happened to a lot of people. So again, even if you have sent and received emails before, check your settings to make sure that it has not changed.

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Thanks angela12345, I never made that connection for some reason.

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