how to Organize Walk Through Closet?

thch91January 17, 2010

We are planning on building a new home and in the house plans my husband drew up is a Walk Through Closet. It takes us out of our Master Bedroom and Connects to Utility Room with Washer and Dryer, Outside Entrance and Garage Entrance. It does not connect to our Master Bathroom. The Mater Bathroom is in a Room next to it, but it does not connect. It will have a doors on both ends that can be shut. How would you organize this? Before we build, do you think a walk Through is even a good idea? any ideas will be greatly appreciated. We plan on living in this house for the rest or our lives and don't want to make a mistake in the build. This is our first and only house we plan on building.



Southern IL

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Just making sure I understand. How do you access the Utility Room other than the Master Bedroom?

One note I'd make, *personally* I think the extra effort required to bring clean clothes up from the laundry is a good motivator for sorting and deciding if it's a garment's "time to go". While I think the convenience of having a utility room right there would be great, I would monitor how I used it to make sure I wasn't just putting stuff away because it was so convenient. Does that make sense?

I don't think an extra door would make that much difference if the doors were opposite each other. The one time in my life we've been fortunate enough to have a walk-in closet, a door on the far wall would have been perfectly fine. I mean, you want a path through the center anyway, otherwise the whole thing would be unmanageable.

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Utility/mud rooms are often dusty. Do you want that leading into your closet? This sounds like a "guy thing" plan. Although having the laundry near the closet would be convenient.

I personally don't like my laundry in the mud room because of the dirt issue, and it means my laundry is on display all the time.

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I dont know if this will work. here is picture of house plans we drew up and are working off of.


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I like the walk-thru closet. It would make putting away your clothes so much easier. But I would suggest making both doors opening to inside the closet, rather than to the outside. Or better yet, I'd make the one from the utility into the closet be a pocket door. We have a pocket from our mudroom into the hall and I love it. Plus, your utility has a lot of doors in it. Also, I think you should consider putting a prep sink in the island (and make the island a little bigger)...and line the island up with the stove area. Your sink is a long way from the stove and fridge. While I'm at it, I'd suggest a pocket door for the master bath as well. When you have the door open, which is most of the time, it will block one sink. If you swing it open to the other side, it will block your shower. I had this in a previous house and it bugged me. It makes the bathroom seem cramped. If you ask for ideas on the decorating forum, you'll get a lot of good suggestions. I came over to this board looking for ideas on my closet, but I don't think the decorating gals come over here that often.

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Oh! I get it and like it.

The one thing I would suggest that I don't see, would be some space for a coat closet right when you come in. Or just put a free-standing wardrobe in if that's not practical.

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We have a coat closet at the front door. Thinking of shelving with hooks at the back door. I wanted lots of closet space since not having a basement. We own 58 acres and have the site staked out. we are waiting on all bids to come in and utility comps to let us know how much to get everything ran out to the site. It is just My hubby and I and a yellow lab. The front Bedroom will actually serve as an office and then we would have one spare bedroom for guests.


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Yes, definitely get the bathroom door out of the kitchen!

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Now that I see the plan for the walkthrough closet it makes a lot of sense. Would you want a window in the toilet area of the master bathroom? I think most building codes require a window if the ventilation systemis not adequate.

Comments on the bedrooms & the bathroom on the other side of the house. Are you sure you want these rooms opening directly into the living room & kitchen? I would want a hall for them to open into so any mess is not always on view. Additionally, in some areas the building code does not allow bathrooms to open directly into a kitchen. Think sanitation, smell, noise.

Is there a window in the other bathroom?

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If you can include some low drawer storage in your closet, it would be nice to be able to put away all your clothes in there. You could use a shelf above the drawers to fold laundry on before putting it away, since it's so convenient to the W/D. I would probably put the drawers in the middle of the closet on each side of the walk-through, so you have a more open, finished space in the middle, with ''His'' and ''Hers'' sides. That way you could put your heavy, outdoor hanging items closer to the utility room, along with your travel gear and out-of-season clothes. The hanging clothes you wear most, of course closest to the bedroom, with shoes. I love the Elfa gliding shoe racks, which make so much sense to me.

Also, you probably need to think about where your dirty clothes are going to go. Your washer/dryer space isn't all that large, but I figured out a way to sort my dirty clothes and make washing much more convenient in a small space. My laundry closet in your utility room could work well for you in this instance.

The low drawers have wire bins in them, which I use to sort (Light, Medium, Dark colors). The baskets above the washer and dryer are specialty items (undies, towels, delicates). I have a smaller, European style W/D which works well in the space. Each bin/basket holds one load and because it's already sorted, I only have to Stuff the washer and Start it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Luna Laundry System

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my favorite i have ever seen had 2 doors off of a huge master bedroom suite..there was a small bath off of each with a shower, one with a tub..then each had a door to a long closet between the two bathrooms..

there was hanging bars along each side with cabinetry ..base style island like all down the center..and room for dressers on each was very very cool

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I think it's brilliant! Our laundry room is just catty corner across the hall from our master bedroom suite and I love not having to walk across the house to put away clothes. It's a dream situation!

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