Those with wood floors - the bottom of your kitchen chairs

mountaineergirlFebruary 20, 2013

Do you have felt? or those plastic things? Do those plastic round things that come on the bottom of the chairs scratch the floor?

My old kitchen chairs were flat on the bottom and I kept those felt stick on things on them, which was a PITA to clean, they'd come off etc etc But now I have new chairs that have those round plastic things on the bottom and don't want my new wood floors scratched, so what to do??

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Best recommendation I had was industrial Velcro I got at Lowe's. Works great. Use the soft side to the bottom and I just threw out the rough side. Been on for 6 months and do not come off.

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mountaineergirl- I am with you!! I use the felt things and even if they don't come off, everything sticks to the bottom and are a pain to clean!

sbp59- Does the velcro still catch all the dust, etc? I'd assume so...

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The plastic bottoms on my chairs have made some dents in my hickory floors. I bought the felt nail-in pads, but they have not been installed yet!


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Great post.
Like others, I can tell you many things that don't work. The stick on felt pads fall off and while they are on they collect dog hair like crazy. I should photo a chair with imitation ''dog feet'' growing out from the pad.
The metal or plastic nail-in glides eventually start to scratch the floor.
At this point, I use the felt pads, replace them when they fall off and when I sweep the floor, tilt up the chairs to pull off the dog hair. A real PIA.

SBP59--I will try your solution. Hope it is better.

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I use the felt and they are a hair magnet. Using a lint roller on the bottom makes cleaning them off pretty easy.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We have vinyl instead of wood floors...but we use the felt and do replace them once in awhile and they do catch hair...i figure they're helping keep the floor clean....not as much of a PITA as refinishing floors or dealing with permanent scratches.

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I use the screw in style heavy duty felt pads for the chair my husband sits in because his where always coming off. For all the other less used ones I just use the stick on felt circle ones. I also put a small felt piece on the front of the stools that are at the island so they don't get pushed against the white and mark it up. They are not terribly noticeable just at the floor level and YES I hate the ''dog feet'' accumulation that you have to clean off.

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If you are talking about an actual kitchen table and chairs, do you have room for a rug under them?

I only have bar stools in my kitchen area and I use the thick, heavy duty stick on felt. I get it in sheets and cut to fit. Mine never come off, but I do have a problem with lint and kitchen grit sticking to the bottoms. When sweeping or swiffering, I just tilt the stools and remove the crud with my hands.

Of course, I don't slide my stools - I slightly lift them - but I can't teach my family that :).

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Here's what I used after the felt pads scratched my floor.

This is the best product I have found so far and I have been using them for several years.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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I have just one eating area--the corner junction of my kitchen and living room--that I call my dining room. I have the nail-in plastic things under all my furniture legs. I have a rug under my dining table and chairs, so it takes the brunt of the chair action. I prefer the look of a rug anchoring the furniture, but I guess it also serves to protect the floor. You know that eventually the floor will show wear and tear.

I have stick-on felt pads under my counter stools which don't really get all that much use. I'm glad I'm not the only one to have dust bunnies and hairballs clinging to them.

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My felt pads, which we have on chairs throughout the house, haven't come off in 15 months of use. They do, however, attract all the cat hair within a 3-foot radius. I use the Swiffer vac right up to them and that pulls off most of the gunk. Occasionally I clean them off with my hands.

I've been interested to see if the ones Red Lover posted worked. Some of the reviews I've read say that they scratch the floor.

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I have used the furniture sliders and they are great! I had larger sizes under sofa and entertainment center as well and it was a sap to slide them aside to Vacuum. They never scratched for me. The sides are also slick and soft vinyl.. Nothing sharp.

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Bacin0 - I'm going to try the lint roller. Never thought of that and with 2 cats, one of which is long-haired, sometimes my chairs look like they have paws and could go for a walk.. I do replace them once a year.

I don;t want to use area rugs because then I'd be cleaning up cat throw-up off of them. I use small mats in a couple of spots that they throw up on but they can go in the laundry. (the mats not the cats).

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I use these kind of nail-on felt pads (as the stick-on kind mostly didn't stick on)!

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Fori is not pleased

Felt and fur.

I get too much grit tracked in to use the plastic sliders. I do have them under a few extra heavy items (TV cabinet, 1950s stereo cabinet, etc.) and they are pretty darn good but I have to clean the floors well before moving anything. That isn't practical for the kitchen chairs.

I do not know how we get sand in the house. I do know whence the fur comes.

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We used the exact ones that AngieDIY shows. We've been happy so far, but it's only been a couple months.

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We used the exact ones that AngieDIY shows too. They work great as far as not coming off, BUT if a piece of food happens to get under them, huge scratches happen when kids move the chairs around and the dust bunny/hair factor is a pain. But they are for sure better than the stick on felt we tried in the past which would never stay.

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We use these. They look a little funky...but they do work.

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Thanks for all your replies. I tried to post earlier today from my phone but it wouldn't let me log in. Anyhow it looks as if most people think having the felt on the bottom is better. I looked closer and is just the barstools that have plastic. The chairs have metal! I can see where if the metal things get scratched (rough) it could scratch the floor.

So should I pry the metal things off or try to get the felt things to stick to the metal itself?

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I tried sticking felt circles to metal glides and they came off almost immediately.
Maybe others have had better luck.
Doesn't cost much to buy a small pack at HD or some such place and try it, though.

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Breezy--my felt pads didn't really scratch the floor so much as they allowed the chairs to scratch the floor after the felt wears thin.

My plastic pads have been on probably about 4 yrs. None of mine have come off. My boys are not easy on my barstools.

So far, so good.

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Circus Peanut

Gorilla Glue has kept my felt pads on for two years now. Like others I can't use anything smooth (plastic slip-slider type) because those get grit trapped under them and make scratches.

The cat-hair embellishment seems to be a necessary evil, and gets vacuumed off when I do the rest of the floor before mopping.

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My new kitchen chairs came with little metal bottoms. I did pry them off before putting the felt bottoms on.

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that's what I needed to know! whether or not to pry those metal and plasitc things off, then put the felt. and we do have some gorilla glue so that might be the answer.. until the felt wears thin and I can't peel them off to put on new :/

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